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OOC: Until someone offers to be Lisa, I'm temporarily posting as her, just to get the meeting started.


"It's nice to see everyone. The meeting started a few minutes ago, but you aren't very far behind," she said with a smile as she scanned the room. There was a girl with bizarre hair and messy clothes sitting next to Tyler, which pissed Lisa off. Just because she had left him didn't mean he needed to start dating some strange girl who was obviously insane. "I don't recognize some of you. Can you please introduce yourself and explain why you're here?" she asked, forming a plastic smile. The stupid girl wasn't even paying attention, she was talking to the boys.


"Oh honey, if you're talking about me, you could have just said so," Caroline said, rolling her eyes as she got up. Lisa was such a and shouldn't have beat around the bush. "My name's Caroline and I'm here so I can spend more time with Tyler. That and talking policy and public opinion does get a bit pedantic after awhile, don't you think? If you don't vote, don't complain. Seeing as how none of us are old enough to vote, we may as well have our say," she said, shrugging as I sat back down.


Lex placed his face in my palms, unable to believe she'd actually done it. He knew Caroline wanted to kick Lisa's butt and didn't approve of a lot of Anna's actions and decisions, but she was asking for it. She could have gone about it better, Lisa was an important political figure and I could only smooth things over by so much.

"She's just joking....our Caroline has always been quite opinionated. She's actually eager to learn about your culture and has several ideas on how to spread them to humans and exchange cultures more efficiently," he said, laughing uncomfortably. He didn't feel like being caught in the middle, but she was being stupid. Lex and his twin sister had been friends with Tyler and Caroline since childhood, but he refused to pick him over my queen. Tyler had never been good enough for Lisa, Lex simply chose to support her.

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