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The bluest of blue eyes looked at his best friend. The Peace Ambassador's pretty much took up most of his spare time . Caroline had a full schedule too, it seemed the best thing was for her to join the Ambassador's ! He get's to hang with his bestest and do what he feels is right at the same time. How could one hate it?
" Because it's right and you get to hang with the coolest guy ever . I believe his name is Tyler "
He actually cracks a smile and a half chuckle. He then looks at Chase.
" Suit yerself , but you're missing out "
He hated being late, but believe it or not there was a split second where it was him who was contemplating on not going and actually hanging out at the girls dorm at Columbia. Then remembered something Caroline had told him . He shouldn't let the break up keep him from life. And to him one of the most important was the Peace Ambassador's . Just because he and Lisa weren't together didn't mean he had to gvie that up too. And he didn't want to. Caroline was right.
When they walked in he gave Lex an apologetic look and he and Caroline took their places.
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