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ooc: haha I was just gonna ask about a kid for her! lol. I couldn't really find an adult pic of Jennifer Cooke so I changed her . ( since she is like supposed to be like 40ish LOL ) I will post Tyler's profile and post reply after work!

Elizabeth Maxwell Bates ("Star Child")
Gender: female
Orientation: straight
Race: Hybrid
Age: Early 40's
Bio/History: A cell resistance leader , ( 5th Column )still trying to keep the peace . When a V however doesn't want to make the peace , she know's how to kick serious ass. Doesn't even need to break a sweat, but she rather get the exercise! Adrenalian keeps the body going , though there are times where she'll just use her mind. Still ever so smart . How can one not be with an eidetic memory?

Even after over 20 years , Kyle still very over protective- even if she can take care of him more so in a battle. ( Though again she rather keep the Peace). Ham arms her with the smallest yet most powerful weapons' , yes even though he knows she doesn't really need them that much. And yes it's his way to say he cares. He's like the father she never had . ( Even if Brian had not died , by the hand of her mother, he still would not have been much of one ). He really hates having to put her out there or let her . Him and Kyle actually see eye to eye on that one. After all she's their biggest weapon( that's the reason Ham would give ) and heart all at the same time. Still do anything to protect her at all cost . It's still hard to convince them that she's not a kid anymore and doesn't need it. Yet loves the fact they care so much.

Chase was named after her mother , she reminds them of her most times. Her spunk , her fight and sometimes yes even the attitude. There's a lot of Elizabeth in her too, mother like daughter. Not just because she inheritated some powers of her own , as a person too. Though she rather see her daughter trying to keep the peace, loves her fight too. And would stop at nothing to keep her safe . Her family come above all else.
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Tyler Evans
Just a typical American teen who's parents divorced when he was 14. Tyler at first put blame on his mom and the older he got the more trouble he became. Then the V's came and he was fascinated with them. Thinking it 's the best thing that ever happened since sliced bread. He and his buddy Brandon were so taken with the Visitor's that they joined the Peace Ambassador's.

Did he forget to mention that their leader was some hot? Well for an old chic. The apple does not fall far from the tree.... Lisa. Lisa, a walking Aphrodite among them. And he had his chance but blew it.... she ripped his heart out , but that's getting into a whole new book let alone chapter. It was a good thing Caroline was back in his life , or else he'd barely be standing. His best friend .... his first 'girlfriend' , his first kiss if a cheek counted. Or a tiny peck , the day she moved.... the worst day of his life he swore. That was until his parents divorce and if not for Caroline he wouldn't have gotten through that either. (Though he's still not fully over it but does one ever , when their dad 'abandon's' them)? Now she was here - in the flesh! His rock .
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