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We're starting at the peace ambassador center or at least, on the way there.


"Remind me again why we're doing this?" I said, even if I knew the answer. I couldn't say no to Tyler and spending time together was harder than both of us thought. I didn't see why he couldn't hang out with me and Chase at Columbia, but it didn't matter. So long as Lisa didn't have the nerve to speak to Tyler and mess with his head, it could be fun.


I looked at my watch and rolled my eyes; they were late. I wasn't surprised Caroline was dragging her feet, but Tyler loved being a peace ambassador. Lisa breaking up with him didn't mean he didn't have to give visitors a chance. "Can we start already?" I asked, looking at everyone.


"That would be my cue to leave," I said, rolling my eyes. I'd offered to give Caroline a ride as well, but god forbid she and Tyler not be joined at the hip. He wasn't a kid anymore and could take care of himself. If he was still emo over Lisa, I'd die laughing. She wasn't worth it, there were other chicks out there and Peace Ambassadors was boring. Unless my parents made me, I wasn't joining.
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