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Name: Robin Wilhelmina Maxwell
Gender: female
Orientation: bisexual
Race: hybrid like her mother
Age: 19

Chase is her mother's daughter. She grew up hearing about how things went down and has hated Anna's arrival from the get-go. She's not stupid enough to advertise that she's 5th column, but her friends all know she hates Anna and thinks Peace Ambassadors is lame.

Chase went to school with the others and was the most popular girl in school. She went to her senior prom with Lex, since he'd look good on her arm. She's a sophomore in college, as she took as many AP and community college classes as she could for fun.

Chase is a savant who has a strange way of looking at the world. She sees things in quantum physics and math equations, which gives her the ability to predict winning lotto numbers, become a skilled gambler and even predict the future. She mainly judges based on the odds of it happening, but she's usually one step ahead of people, which is why she's called Chase.

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