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*reading this now* almost halfway through loving it

EDIT: finished it pretty much couldn't put it down
reading through the comments on this thread before I post my own

I loved Four's fearscape, it showed how brave Tris is. And Im glad she finally got to know who Four was (I kinda guessed early on, anyone else?). I found the scene where Al and Peter took Tris really powerful, and the aftermath even more so. Al's journey alongside Tris was very interesting.
Agree with all of that and I pretty much figured Four was Tobias the scene he was first introduced The fact that I didn't know how to properly pronounce Tobias throughout the rest of the book bothered me a great deal so thought I'd ask, how do you guys pronounce it? is it Tow-bee-ahs or To-By-es? [/weird]

Anyways loved the book, I went in thinking it'd be a Hunger games rip off too but its quite unique, I wasn't sure I liked Tris at first though I grew to like her though and I loved how the book surprised me with the deaths, so many deaths in one book and so many of the main characters

I hope we see the other cities as well, maybe in the third book? I'd love to see how they operate, if it's similar to this system or if they have a different sorting plan? like using a sorting hat

Another EDIT: I just took the FB test, turns out I am indeed Dauntless I get to party with Four and Tris

Jen here's the link: Faction Test

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