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Originally Posted by cyclone (View Post)
no, you put into words exactly what i meant.

it was their 1st kiss as Jenny and Emma and as Lucy and Kasia. it is meant to be awkward and weird and to me it looked awkward and weird.

they have improved very much since then both jenny and Emma and lucy and Kasia.
*need to comment on this*

How you can be so sure it is Kasia and Lucy's first kiss, hm? Maybe you forgot, they also have kissed on episode 114 ...

They might as well have done a lot of 'practice' beforehand to make this scene as believable as it is ...

*now imagining K & L 'practicing' * ...

to self ... BAD GIRL, RUI! You don't want to go there!!

Well, no I'm really going ... bye all
Jenny und Emma für immer

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