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i just put it here if that's ok,so i don't have to send pms..i'm lazy

135 jenny

j: do i disturb you or do you want to call someone?
b: delete someone
j: that's possible?awesome.
it's hard to see her every day huh?..i know the feeling..
b: really?
j: sucks what some people are doing huh?
...well i would delete caro without thinking about it
b: caro?i did already.
j: ach? and who is it now?
b: ...and how about you?
j: ..i forgot about it..
Hey...your dad is down and out,never saw him like that
b: maybe..but i can't change anything about it. a scission like that was long overdue..i have to go..bad vibes.
-jenny takes her cellphone out "emma müller-delete" -"yes"
j: and now you're gone.

timo and emma talk about STAG,that sophie is gone, and hotte,but emma want to keep STAG alive,timo says only when they find new members soon.

j: hi
t: still not calmed yourselves?
e:....what's with luzie?did you talk to her?
t: think you can forget her,she's not coming anymore.
e: to you or to STAG?
t: no idea..both i think.
e: you can try..

b: my god!
j: huu and i thought you were in a bad mood earlier
b: sorry..there were a few girls a moment ago..
j: but..they were kinda cute
b: really? didn't noticed that.
j: and here? no one here who would be nice for you?
b: what about you? do you like someone here? for distraction..
j: know..distraction is for cowards. all of this won't kill us,right?
b: it would be a shame at least..
j: you have to be a rockstar..
b: and then?lovesickness would be just as ****

k: eggs and bacon as always?
j: or better herring as a hangover breakfast?
s: is enough
j: by the way,ben is looking for a harddisk..a silver one.i searched for it but i couldn't find it.
k: i'll bring it to him,no problem
j: thanks
s: i hope he doesn't make a lot of fuss?
k: no, all's well
s: you know,the communal life with ben can be difficult sometimes.
k: we get along..he is doing well. i bring the coffe.
s: let it be..i have the water.

ETA i think it involves some grammar mistakes
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