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We come in peace: An AU V rpg

Obviously since this is AU,it's not continuing from the finale of V. The following things are different:
  • Diana is the same Diana from the original
  • Eli Cohen and various factions of the 5th column are alive and well
  • Erica doesn't kill Malik
  • Diana did a lot more during her time than she let on
  • baby Elizabeth from the original is an adult character
  • Season 2 hasn't happened yet, but Anna is communicating with Diana

Lisa is still going to be "attacked", but the Eli Cohen stuff and Peace Ambassador murders are following Lisa's attack.

Summary: This is an MYOC game for the most part. It's focusing more on V's that have been here for awhile, Peace Ambassadors, the 5th column we don't know about and all that good stuff.

Roles for the canon characters are available, but aside from Erica, Anna and possibly Jack, the others are background characters. Hobbes and Ryan can work with Eli, but they're not as central. The following minor characters now have roles:
  • Eli Cohen
  • Sarita Malik
  • Sid
  • Veena Rai
  • Joe Evans
  • Diana

Standard rules apply-B/G, no god-moding,etc... This isn't as focused on L/I's as the action and drama, but since the peace ambassadors are younger, the rules apply for this as well.



This game will be having skips the way most games do.

Name: Caroline Decker
Gender: Female
Orientation: straight
Race: Human
Age: 17

Caroline is an old friend of Tyler's. They were childhood sweethearts growing up, but she moved when she was 8 years old. She moved away with her biological parents, but she kept in touch with Tyler. Her mother didn't want her having any connections to her old life, but Caroline secretly wrote to Tyler, chatted with him online and called whenever she had the chance. She recently came back to town and began attending Columbia with a friend. She had another friend who began attending last year, but her main reason was to be closer to Tyler.

Caroline is extremely loyal to Tyler and hates Lisa for breaking his heart and whatever other things Tyler confessed to her. She dislikes her for other reasons as well, but she's always civil for Tyler's sake. It was Tyler's idea to have Caroline join the peace ambassadors, as she's opinionated about both sides and gave them an excuse to spend time together.

If you don't know anything about the original, there's a Wiki for V:

V - V Wiki - ABC, V Episode Guide, Elizabeth Mitchell

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