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Originally Posted by Jenny's legs (View Post)
Thank you for the explanation. Yes, I am aware that Rics and Aysa (sp) got attacked/threatened verbally on their accounts, which was ridiculous. I think that was yesterday, but hard to remember with the board chaos of the last few days. What upsets me the most about it is my guilt at having sent it to Spoony. She was sooo excited to finally be able to watch it. Also, someone obviously has the whole ep in HQ and instead of sharing decided to make this vid. Where is their Jemma love? Again, thanks for taking the time to explain why the link was posted.

I understand that it would make you feel guilty for that. I also wanted to let you know that an apology was PMd to Spoony as well as an explanation. Spoony is aware of the situation now. Sorry you are so upset over the whole episode.
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