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You really like this OP?? :-) Good! I tried

Hmm..... I think both of those scenes were wonderful. I mean, in season 1 we saw how FORBIDdEN their love is. But also they knew they love each other, so... Season two was FILLED with their love. THAT was MAGICAL. Finally smiles, laughs, love, hugs, kisses, touches... Amazing.
Plus, shirtless Matthew is always GOOD! :-) LOL

Speaking of those scenes... Have You thought what would have happened if Rufus' mobile didn't call = didn't wake them up?? :-)
"Never breaking eye contact he kissed her softly and slowly and told her as he did every time they made love, just how much he loved her." ♥
"...I don't wanna spend another day yet another minute trapped in this hotel room, scared that You're gonna hate me for ever... when I'm still in love with You..."
Rufly for Ever.!
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