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Originally Posted by Scully_fan (View Post)
Oh god I'm sorry. I have no idea why i read your name as Rics username. *facepalm* total fail Forgive me?

I think it's cos I'm watching wimbledon and my attention is on that instead of here.
Yes, you are forgiven

Ooo I totally forgot... anything good so far today?

Originally Posted by Wongcommaj (View Post)
I felt the same way when I read it.
Good that was definitely my intention

Originally Posted by margauxnextdoor (View Post)
I can't wait for the spoiler vids of episodes 197-198 to come out. I want this to be over with and move on but i can't until i see that magical day happen.

This is what Jemma addiction does to me.
Oh hon... aren't we all!!!! I just wish I could develop that time machine so that I could right into 2 weeks from now
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