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Originally Posted by ihavemanyskills (View Post)
Heya! Sign me up too, please! I'm a newbie, but I've been working through the links you sent me, Scully, and I've just got up to the first kiss. Cue rabid fangirling that alarmed my dog slightly.
AHAHA HELLO Hayley right?! I'm Lauren or people call me Scull here or whatever.

Oh the first kiss. It may not be the greatest kiss of all time, but it's perfect for that moment. And "That is my problem with you" goes down as one of my fave shippy lines in history. Oh Jenny.
Hi Jemmas, mind if I join? You had me with forum that isn’t “The L Chat haha
But English is not my native langugage so be warned
What are the rules here? Maxdome episodes included, everything that comes to mind etc.?
HELLO! Of course you can join! What's your name and where are you from? And don't worry it doesn't matter if English isn't your native language there's a lot of people round who aren't native speakers You'll be fine

We could talk about the maxdome episodes - but I guess we have to decide if they come under spoilers or not. But really we can talk anything Jemma or Hand Aufs Herz here, in a nice friendly enviroment.
Do you think it's the drink?
Oh it's a lot more than that
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