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I rewatched the episode with my sister today, she loved it as well

What are your thoughts about this episode?
I LOVED it, everything the weird colors, the cinematography, the dialogue, its great and its unique, it has comedy with quite a lot of sadness once you think about it
Favourite scene?
The hand-touching through the wall scene? I sighed out loud at that scene
the scene where Ned first touches Chuck and brings her back to life how color suddenly appears in her skins
also the shot of the pies at the beginning from above cause its just bursting with color.
Least favourite scene?
Not sure really, I like all the scenes but if I had to choose then maybe the whole over the top yellow flowers against the blue sky at the beginning, simply cause the colors are too out there for me the contrast is way too high and theyre gonna take a lot of getting used to
Favourite quote?
Chuck: I'm a friend of Ned's.
Olive: Does he touch you?

okay maybe not the deepest quote but I just love the delivery there

also the quote Chuck gives him about 'what if you need a hug'

Least favourite quote?
Ummm ... I ... dont know? nothing particularly cringeworthy in this episode

Favorite character(s) this episode?

Least favorite character(s) this episode?
Ummm ... dunno? no one? except you know ... the murderers

Questions and speculations?
I asked my questions in the pilot discussion thread when I first watched 2 months ago and I speculate greatness

Any other comments?
stupid tv people cancelling all the great shows

Rate this episode on a scale of 1 to 5
4.5? simply cause some things take getting used to

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