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Hit and Run #1: B/C its a low budget car chase movie..

Hit and Run

The film (Brother’s Justice)seems to cover a period of about 2006-2009; I’m curious, why doesn’t Kristen [Bell] make an appearance?
We had shot the first and second act prior to Kristen being in my life, so by the time we shot the third act there was really no place for her. But she is the star of the movie I’m directing in June.

Can you tell me more about that project?
It’s currently called Outrun, I don’t know if that will stay; it’s like a Sundance version of Smokey and the Bandit, a car chase movie. A low-budget car chase movie. All my friends are in it, all of the same group of guys who were in Brother’s Justice are in it.
Dax Shepard on the Chuck Norris-Less Brother's Justice, and His Hunger Games Obsession with Kristen Bell | Movieline

“In real life I race cars. I race off road and I race motorcycles, so there is a part of me that fully believes that I should be in a car chase movie – which is why I'm directing one in June," he reveals. "It's called 'Outrun' and it's a car chase movie with Kristen Bell and I as the leads, and then Tom and Bradley and Dave Koechner are coming back. We have an amazing cast of people that have agreed to come be a part of it again, shockingly. This one is fully scripted and is, at the end of the day, an action movie.”

Shepard says his next film is an expression of his love of rubber-burning 70s flicks. “I just love Hal Needham, who did 'Hooper' and the 'Cannonball Runs' and 'Smokey and the Bandit,'” he says, “and there's a hillbilly in me that wants to move quick, take risks and do cool *****. Half the cars in the movie I own. I have a 1967 Lincoln Continental, but it has a 700 horsepower 514 in it. It's got coil over suspension and huge disc brakes – basically a racecar Lincoln, and that'll be in the movie a lot. Then I also have a Class One off-road racecar that'll also be in the movie.”

He’s also thrilled to co-starring alongside his off-screen fiancé Bell. “It's wonderful – we love being together and we love acting together and I'm really excited that we're going to do a movie playing a couple, and I think we'll get to do ***** that two strangers can't do. We'll have a level of intimacy that will hopefully be palpable. She just said we're like Ron and Sheila from 'Waiting For Guffman'.”

“What's more fun than acting with KB is writing for her because you can't imagine how much freedom you can have as a writer,” he says. “You can write her a scene out of 'Sophie's Choice' and she can do it. Then you can write her a scene with a lot of comedic heavy lifting and she can do it. That's crazy liberating as a writer. I can't even write for myself that way – I have to know my own limitations.”
Dax Shepard Gets His Kicks In "Brother's Justice" | NBC Philadelphia

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