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Originally Posted by Conway1 (View Post)
Yeah, Patty said if John Noble or Anna Torv gets nominated for Emmys, then she will stop being a Joshua Jackson fan forever. Too funny.
Wow, that's weird. If she's posting negative comments about him on blogs, maybe she should do him a favor and stop being his fan right now?

Josh doesn't appear to be sweating the future of Peter very much. Doesn't he look happy out and about with Diane.

I, on the otherhand, AM sweating the future of Peter. "Fringe" has been my favorite show, but it will be ruined for me without Peter Bishop. "Fringe" just isn't "Fringe" without the Bishop Boys. I don't want to question, "Where is Peter Bishop," as the producers have asked. No, I want to imagine him sitting safely at the Bishop breakfast table, drinking his fifth cup of coffee and eating food that Walter prepared naked.
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