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Yeah, I wish we had had more seasons. *sigh*

I think Big deserved Carrie. Yes, I did love Aidan...But when he appeared in the episode with his baby, he just looked so happy...And I think that was where his place was. It never would have worked between C and A- we all know that. But I digress.

Mr. Big...I think the words "shame on you, Big!" have come out of my mouth so many times, I've lost count. But I think he evolved a lot...And he realized, way back in 'The Domino Effect,' that he needed Carrie. Of course, he blew it big time (pun intended ) and he knew it. Both made mistakes- huge ones. But both were always inexplicably drawn to each other. In the end, it was always each other. They just have this- connection. Chemistry. Passion. I cannot think of Carrie without somehow thinking of Big, and vice versa. To take a line from Friends- he's her lobster.

I think that they are the only ones who can deal with the other. They can handle each other, and they're not afraid to tell each other what they really think. With Natasha, Big never told her what he really thought. (Remember the furniture store? He hated everything she liked.) As for Aidan, Carrie could never be 100% honest with him- especially after the Big affair. (Heh, another pun.)

I dig Big. And Carrie. And Big and Carrie together. *shrugs*
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