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Havent heard anything about Related or seen the pilot posted anywhere.

I remember Lizzy Caplan from the Pitts. A show that was objectively bad but had such an amazing cast (there are few actors better than Dylan Baker) that it almost made up for it.

Thing I remember most about it and Lizzy is the actress who played her mom, Kellie Waymire. When they did publicity together you'd swear Kellie was playing the daughter and Lizzie was playing the mom. She played a much younger character when she guest starred on Wonderfalls. A real shame that she died so suddenly just as her career was beginning to blossom.

But back to Related. From looking at the description it doesnt excite me one bit. And against Lost and Veronica Mars there is almost zero chance I'll ever watch it.

Here is Futon Critic's take on the show.
Thomas: How can you be a nymphomaniac and never had sex?
Isabelle: I'm choosy.
I'm bored and you're bald. But I laughed when you called me the snail. My trail runs behind me. I'm guilty. No secrets. You're not such a picture yourself
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