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I'm disappointed that we didn't get enough flashbacks. I mean we didn't even get to see Klaus and katerina interactions.

I'm confused... in the promo there were scenes that we didn't get to see in an episode???? Like Klaus and that chick in night gown. I was really looking to some hotness... now i feel cheated.

I loved that Klaus and Elijah are brothers.
Right now the chances that Elijah will survive the end of the second season are good. Even his brother can't kill him without white oak tree.

I'm not sure i like this whole halfwerewolf/halfvampire thing. Kind of gross.

I really liked how smartly they explained Klaus choice to call himself Klaus instead of Nickolas. His father probably treated him badly after finding out he wasn't his son. I felt bad for him when he said with so much contempt: :"Nickolas is the name my father gave me. Please call me Klaus." Like he wants nothing to do with his father.

The scene between Elijah and Klaus made me want to see whom Klaus loved so long ago.
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