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Originally Posted by LiaRaye (View Post)
It didn't really make sense in the context of the episode or even the season. Most of the time Elena does her own thing, without asking Damon or Stefan. She didn't consult with Stefan about taking the dagger out of Elijah. And once again, she didn't really take Stefan's opinion into account when he told her she shouldn't go back and meet with Elijah after she checked on Jenna. He even looked reluctant to apologize to Elijah when prompted. Stefan has also been very emotional and upset in the past about Elena's decisions when they did not coincide with his own. In particular at the lakehouse where she wondered with him about their future and he contested angrily that she did not plan on having a future. So, Stefan may have a lot of things Damon doesn't when it comes to Elena, that I will admit... but respect is pretty far down on the list, in my perception. Elena seems to be a free bird
but he's never tried to stop her. he doesn't have to like it (and he doesn't) but he doesn't give her ultimatums like she has to him or threaten her like damon has to elena.
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