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I will try to. Stefan/Damon realized that Elena let Elijah out.

Klaric ordered Maddox to go retrieve his body.

Stefan called Elena. She tells him to let her do this her way. Damon/Stefan argue about letting Elena do this her own way. Stefan says they should trust her. Damon disagrees.

A flashback to Katherine being introduced to Klaus by Elijah.

Jenna called Stefan to ask about Elena's whereabouts. He warns her not to go meet Alaric at the grill.

Elijah/Elena talking about the Martin witches and Katherine. Klaus and Elijah are brothers?!

Damon is surprised to see that Katherine is still alive. Andie remarks about her likeness to Elena.

Stefan gets to the Gilbert house to see that Alaric is already inside with Jenna. Commercial break.

- Elena wonders why Elijah wants his brother dead.

- Damon asks Katherine why she'd double-crossed them with Isobel in exchange for some vervain.

- Jenna is wondering why Alaric is acting so oddly. Klaric tries to bait Stefan.

- Elijah reveals the curse of the sun and the moon is fake.

- Jenna wants Alaric to leave. He refuses. Klaric raises a knife to Jenna but Stefan pushes him against a wall. Stefan vamps out in front of Jenna and she leaves.

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