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Originally Posted by madelen
Raja - what's Invasion about again? You think Alexis would fit in that show?
Invasion is the new ABC show after Lost. It's about a small town cut off by a hurricane that apprently is being infilitrated by aliens. They are taking it very slow so it's hard to tell where they are going. But isnt it always the slow reveal that is fun? That's why Lost works so well.

Only part that would fit her would be that of Alexis Dziena. (Gonna be more than one cute Alexis' on tv this year). Part is pretty much a blank slate. Given her parents it has the potential to be really developped. It is a part Alexis (Bledel) could easily handle but that's why I wouldnt want it for her. She needs a character who is more aggressive and less passive. Something that'll challenge her.

So if I was to pick a part for her of the new upcoming shows I'm so far familiar with (have a few left to watch) I'd pick Emily Deschanel's character in Bones. An excellent combination of quirky and tough if Alexis is up to the task.
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