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Miss on a Mission {Nina/Elena} #28: "She’s a revelation." ~ Kevin Williamson

Welcome to the 28th
appreciation thread

Nina Dobrev, born Janurary 9th, 1989, in Sofia, Bulgaria, moved to
Canada at the age of two and has lived in Toronto, Ontario since.
From a very young age she showed great enthusiasm and talent for
the arts: Dance, Gymnastics, Theatre, Music, Visual arts, and Acting!
Modeling jobs led to commercials, which then turned into film auditions.
Shortly after, she booked roles in feature films "Fugitive Pieces", "Away
From Her" and the popular television series "Degrassi: The Next
Generation" on CTV and The-N.

Nina loves to travel and has often visited Europe both for pleasure, as well
as competing internationally representing Canada in aesthetic gymnastics.
She enjoys playing volleyball, soccer, swimming, rock climbing, wake boarding,
snowboarding, and horse back riding to name a few.

But above all acting is her passion, and she sees it as an adventure
that has just begun; she believes that the journey and the characters
we create along the way will help us understand ourselves.

Elena Gilbert is compassionate and kind with a smart wit and timeless beauty.
At 17 years old she is fresh-faced, with lovely features,and once swept through
life with the ease of a popular, well-adjusted pretty girl, until she suffered a tragedy:
her parents were killed in a car crash, and now she and her younger brother Jeremy
live with their Aunt Jenna. Most of the time, Elena simply tries to get through the
day with the support of her friends Bonnie and Caroline and her ex-boyfriend Matt.
Elena’s life is brightened with the arrival of Stefan, the mysterious, polite and gorgeous
new guy at school whose past and identity are shrouded in mystery.

"Every role is a challenge. I want to keep doing everything!
I want to try to do things that aren’t similar to one another."

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I love Elena because she has guts. She's strong. She's not afraid to stand up for
herself and what she believes in. She's the most relatable character on the show
and she has a huge heart. She always tries to see the good in people and is
constantly there for her friends and family. She's extremely loyal and passionate and
is always there when someone needs support. I see very similar characteristics
with Nina. Not to mention that Nina is beautiful and extremely talented. She seems
to get along really well with her castmates and she plays both of her roles on the show
perfectly. Alexa

I am a fan Nina because not only is she beautiful and talented, but she seems so
down to earth. Even though she has became very popular within the last year, it is
still obvious she just loves to act and is grateful to be able to do so. Nina seems to
still be a young adult, not a celebrity. I can relate to her, and could see myself simply
hanging out with her because she is fun and kind. infallible love

Good Canadian Girl! I remember first seeing her as Mia on Degrassi: TNG and
really enjoying her character, but of course Ms. Elena Gilbert takes the cake. I'm
so happy she gets to be on such an amazing and popular show. She's a great
character and a total sweetheart. allybubba

I’ve known Nina for a few years, as Mia in Degrassi. I liked her but I wasn’t a fan. Yet.
By then, I wouldn’t imagine her playing Elena. I felt weird about that. But she proved
me and everyone that she was an amazing actress and that she would be the best
Elena we could have hoped for. I’m so proud of her. She made of Elena an amazing
character, and despite the success, she stayed down-to-earth. She’s a pearl. Pauline<3

When I started watching the show I was not too sure about Elena Gilbert, if I was going
to like her as much as I really wanted to, because I love her in the VD books.
Luckily, Elena was a more loveable character than a lot of people expected and more
than people give her credit for. I love her fire and determination to do what she thinks
is right, her courage to just jump in to dangerous situations to help those she cares
about. And what I love the most is that Elena is not just a girl you can push around.
Her love and compassion are really the two most obvious qualities in her, and to top
all of that she is a fun girl given the righ circumstances and company. And now to the
girl who plays Elena, Nina Dobrev. This girl has one of the most adorable personalities
in Hollywood. She seems so down to earth and really sweet to her fans. And I love
the fact that she's not above goofing around in front of all the fans and photographers.
In the beginning of the show I was not the biggest fan of Nina's acting in very dramatic
and emotional scenes, but she quickly improved and proved me wrong. Not only can
she portray sweet Elena with perfection, but she also plays fierce, evil Katherine Pierce,
the exact opposite of Elena, to more perfection than perfection itself. It's just so believable
and her scenes as Katherine are amazing! She juggles the two different characters flawessly.
With time and the right decisions, I think Nina Dobrev will become a superstar with
this kind of talent. MissDK

I think Nina is a gorgeous, talented and funny actress who has given the character
of Elena a new life. I do love book!Elena so I was a little afraid when KW and JP wanted
to change her character around but I feel like Nina has been able to portray Elena
as someone who can be sweet, nice and compassionate but also fiery, fun and who
would protect the people that she loves at moment's notice. When she plays Katherine,
you really feel like there's a completely different person on screen, a sinister person
with ill intentions. Nina is the only person that could have played these two roles with
such beauty and precision! naturellebella

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Future titles:
“She’s very strong and courageous, and she takes on every challenge to the best of her ability" - Nina
"No matter what happens in the future and what gets thrown her at her, she will gracefully try to deal with as much as she can" - Nina
When Elena stepped in front of Caroline... she proved again how frakking brave she is-- CrissyCalhoun
"Trust us, there's much more to love about Nina than just a few pints of warm blood." ~ Maxim
"Nina Dobrev. Even garlic breath can't keep us away." ~ Maxim
Nina Dobrev’s performance as both Katherine and Elena was superb - TV OverMind
Nina Dobrev effortlessly slips between Elena and Katherine and plays both to perfection. TV OverMind
She commanded both roles showing that it takes more than wardrobe and hair to portray these different characters. - TV OverMind
Nina Dobrev had better get ready for an extraordinary career, because she just proved that she can pretty much do anything. - Zap2It
Were I wearing a hat, I'd tip it in Ms. Nina Dobrev's direction, for her nuanced portrayal of these two very different characters. Sharp, sharp work. - TWOP
Elena stands in front of Caroline to block Damon because she is sort of a badass in a human way. - TVChick
I think it's a bit of a stretch to compare Elena and Katherine, but I like these darker layers on Elena. - Zap2It
Daily dazzler @ninadobrev is fearless. - Kevin Williamson
Sweet little Elena has a dark side - CliqueClack TV
Nina Dobrev has been masterfully playing Elena Gilbert and her as-yet-unexplained ancestor Katherine Pierce - PopWrap
I hate to be redundant in every. single. recap, but it has to be said: Nina Dobrev is killing it. Full stop. - Zap2It
When this series ends (hopefully ten years from now), she is going to be able to walk right into whatever kind of acting career she wants to have. - Zap2It
The kind of dedication, talent, and work ethic it takes to pull off an episode like this - where Elena or Katherine is in almost every scene - is undeniable.' - Zap2It
Again, can we get a round of applause for Dobrev? She's my hero - Zap2It
I'm starting to worry about her mental state. Nobody should be able to slip between characters that easily... Incredible- Zap2It
'This week's MVP is obvious -- Dobrev probably didn't sleep a wink for all eight days of shooting, and we love her for it.' - Zap2It
Elena is, as always, smarter and sneakier than those around her (including the viewers) give her credit for. She's not a passive ingenue. - Zap2It
'It was great to see The Dobrev face off against The Dobrev. I love her as Elena, but as Katherine she's really showing me something.' - GMMR
Nina Dobrev is doing a fantastic job with these two characters this season and making it totally believable that these are completely different people. - TVOverMind
The two come face to face for the first time, nicely showing off the differences in Dobrev's performances. - LA Times
This episode would have crumbled if put in lesser hands than Nina Dobrev’s - Crissy Calhoun
She gives us two distinct performances that make Memory Lane a contender in my mind for one of the best episodes - Crissy Calhoun
Nina "kicked ass" - Crissy Calhoun
"I am who I am, and I don’t want to change, or do anything except feel fresh and happy" - Nina
Nina's sweet charm and outgoing nature have helped her become the most sought-after starlets of the moment - Portrait
She has found her way into our hearts with her down-to-earth nature and humbleness. - Portrait
“Every morning, I think to myself, ‘This is so cool. I’m so lucky.’ I don’t want to let it slip away...I’m in such a great position. I live a lovely life" - Nina
"The acting (particularly Nina Dobrev's execution of dual roles) deserves a standing ovation" - TWOP
On successful books: "I start off by thinking of a heroine...a strong-minded girl like Elena." -LJ Smith

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