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Composer [Kelsi Nielsen ♦ Olesya Rulin] #7 ~ b/c her natural beauty makes us all jealous!

♫ The 7th Kelsi Nielson/Oleysa Rulin Appreciation Thread! ♫

Art by Magz

Date of Birth: 17 March 1986, Moscow, Russia

♫ Beautiful ♫ Talented ♫ Activist ♫ Environmentalist ♫ Playmaker ♫ Friend ♫ Wildcat ♫ Russian Beauty ♫
♫ Intelligent ♫ College Graduate ♫ Economics Degree ♫ Triple Threat ♫ Dancer ♫ Singer ♫ Actress ♫ Sexy
♫ Charming ♫ Kind ♫ Animal Lover ♫ Stylish ♫ Voter ♫

♫ Fans ♫
-Beautiful Disaster-
Less Than Perfect
Live in Love ~
Miss Fate
Kelsi Nielsen
Hermoine Granger
sepideh T
Melanie Garcia

Art by Magz

Kelsi Nielsen, for me, is the glue that holds all of the Wildcats together. Over dramatic and very Sharpay-esque comment you might say but I stand by it.
Kelsi is the quiet one in the corner that keeps them all in line.

There would be no musicals for this group of kids to sing without her, she is the playmaker.
Because she is a passionate and determined person with goals she provides lyrics for the other to sing and catch the audience with their meaning.
I realize not every song that we see is done by her or for their musical but the majority are and she still is the one making the music.

But more importantly Kelsi is always there to hold the group together in times of conflict.
She is a loyal friend and always there when someone, mainly Troy, is second guessing themselves.

Kelsi is smart, strong, determined, kind, and a bit quirky, but she wouldn't be her without those hats and glasses.
She has always been sure of herself, and always sure of her friends.
~Magie (Magpiez ) on her favorite HSM character, Kelsi Nielson

Art by Magz

♫ Oleysa Quotes ♫

This is my first horror flick, yes. I'm kinda disappointed that I don't get to die.

I'm a little nervous, actually, because this is my first tour and it's in my home town so I hope people like it.
But really, this is a dream job for me because I love animals and I've always been passionate about protecting the environment.

[My friends call me] conservation girl.

Art by Kelsi Nielsen

♫ HSM/Kelsi Memorable Quotes ♫


Ms. Darbus: [bell rings] Was that a cell phone?
Kelsi: [quietly] No ma'am, that was the warning bell.
Ms. Darbus: Aah.

Troy: So, you're a composer?
[Kelsi just stares at Troy]
Troy: You wrote the song Ryan and Sharpay just sang? And the entire show?
[Kelsi manages a weak nod]
Troy: Well, that's really cool. I, uh, can't wait to hear the rest of the show.
[Troy offers his hand to Kelsi. She takes it, and he helps her up. Kelsi looks terrified]

Troy: So, why are you so afraid of Ryan and Sharpay? I mean, it is your show.
Kelsi: It is?
Troy: Isn't the composer of a show kinda like the playmaker in basketball?
Kelsi: [beaming at Troy] I am?
[Troy nods in confirmation]

Ms. Darbus: And, we have not got a pianist.
Ryan: That's showbiz.
Troy: We'll sing without a piano.
Kelsi: Oh no you won't. Pianist here, Ms. Darbus.
Sharpay: You really don't want to do that.
Kelsi: Oh yes, I really do.
[running to piano]

Kelsi: Ready on stage!
Sharpay: [shocked] Oh!
Ms. Darbus: Now *that's* show biz.


Sharpay: Oh, come here, Kelsi.
I have a summer job for you, at our country club.
Our rehearsal pianist is evidently moving.

Kelsi: [aside] Or hiding.
Sharpay: Pardon?
Kelsi: [perks up] Sounds great!

Kelsi : Okay. Everyone. Ryan, the show's on.
Ryan: Where's the music?
[Kelsi hands him the music]
Ryan: Where's Troy?
Troy: [entering] Talked to Sharpay, everything's cool.
Ryan: Hey speaking of my sister, she wants you to learn a new song.
[hands Troy the music]
Troy: [disbelieving chuckle] "Everyday." I can't learn a new song!
Ryan: Kelsi will help you with it.
Troy: What?
Kelsi: [grabbing Troy's arm and leading him out] Come on!
Troy: [as he's leaving] Hey!
Ryan: It's showtime!

Art by Magz


Who's that girl? (Shes so fine)
Whos that guy? (I don't recognize)
Who's that girl? (She looks so good, yeah)
Youll never really notice, but you probably should

"Sorry, jeez...I just thought since it was the last show everyone would WANT to do it."

Kelsi: [Whistles] Hoopsman, over here. You look like you're having the time of your life.
Troy: Messing up the dances, I'm messing up all the songs. I'm sorry.
Kelsi: It's all of us. All of us pretty much know why. If it wasn't for Gabriella, this musical would be just another "Sharpay Show." It'll be fine.

Ryan: It's beautiful.
Kelsi: Thanks.
Ryan: No, I mean really, this, the prom number, everything... it's, it's going to be a great show.
Ryan: Speaking of prom, what are you doing?
Kelsi: Well, that's two days before the show. You know, I'm writing orchestrations, fixing charts, I still have to write lyrics...
Ryan: [cuts her off] Great. I'll pick you up at eight.
Ryan: [key change, singing] You're on my mind, you're in my heart...
Ryan , Kelsi: [together] It doesn't matter where we are.
Ryan: We'll be alright...
Ryan, Kelsi: [together] Even if we're miles apart!

Ryan: [to Troy and Gabriella after their rehearsal] Pity the actor that has to follow you.
Kelsi: I believe that actor is *you*, Mr. Choreographer.
Ryan: [Everyone chuckles] Oh really?

Art by Kelsi Nielsen

♫ Links ♫
IMDB (Oleysa's Official Site)

♫ Videos ♫
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♫ Picture of the Moment ♫

♫ Art Piece of the Moment ♫

Art by Kelsi Nielsen

♫ Past threads ♫
#1 - She's the playmaker.
#2 ~ Because "Who's that girl? She looks so fine!"
#3: Because she's our favorite ZBZ pledge sister!
#4 ~ Because we're keeping 'hope alive' that she'll rock it in 2010
#5 ~ Because Kelsi's future at Juilliard is just as bright as Olesya's in cinema and TV!
#6 ~ Because a nomination for Best Actress at the CIFF is only the beginning.

OP designed by *PassionateJ* (Jess)

eternally beautiful...
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