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As always, please don't copy and paste this elsewhere. If you want to share this information, link to the forum.

And a new request, which I'd think would be common courtesy, but apparently needs to be said: Don't spread this information elsewhere and act like you're giving some exclusive scoop, without crediting where you got it (I'm looking at you, jimmy722). It takes a long time for me to type these up. I don't mind you sharing the information (though when it comes to twitter, personally, I don't think it's right to share major spoilers there, considering how hard they can be to avoid when scrolling on your feed), but give me credit.

I wasn't sure if I should even bring this up, or how, but I felt like it needed to be said. And if things don't change, I'm considering posting the rest of the reports for the season elsewhere, somewhere slightly less public (I'll let the regular readers/posters of the thread know where it is).

That said... Here's this week's episode.

The Agreement Dissection

Scene 1 - Guys’ apartment

Sheldon’s standing outside the bathroom door, knocks, and asks “Are you in the shower?” Leonard asks, what? Sheldon repeats. Leonard says “I can’t hear you, I’m in the shower.” Sheldon says well that renders his question moot. Leonard asks what again. Sheldon says moot, no longer relevant. Leonard repeats that he can’t hear, he’s in the shower.

Sheldon goes in anyway, and says it’s an emergency, standing to relieve himself at the toilet. Leonard asks what kind of emergency. Sheldon says mathematical - 32 oz smoothie, 16 oz bladder (Jim messed up here the first time, said s**t). Leonard says Sheldon doesn’t want to do that, Leonard’s not alone in the shower. Sheldon’s shocked, and Priya joins Leonard in peeking around the edge of the shower curtain. (Both Johnny and Aarti were dry, but we were told they filmed their parts yesterday, so they will be wet in the episode.)

Sheldon says that she can’t be there, there’s only one person allowed in the shower at a time. Leonard says that they were there first, Sheldon’s the one who can’t be there.

So Sheldon ends up knocking on Penny’s door, doing a little dance and glaring back towards his apartment. When she answers he yells “Move, move, move!” and runs past her to her bathroom. On the second take, he did a little shuffle trying to get past her in the doorway.

Scene 2 - Guys’ apartment, later that morning

Sheldon’s in the living room as Leonard and Priya walk down the hallway into the kitchen. Sheldon says, Dr Leonard Hofstadter, you have violated two counts of the roommate agreement, and asks if he’d like to waive the reading of the charges. Leonard says sure. Priya says hold on, my client does not want to waive the reading. Leonard smiles and says he’s got a lawyer, and he’s seen her naked. Priya playfully hits him on the shoulder, then tells Sheldon to proceed.

Sheldon reads the two charges - the first one being something about a violation of bathroom privacy during an emergency. The second one was they violated the shower capacity limit (one), which the only acceptable exception is if they’re being attacked by water soluble aliens.

Priya asks if she can see the roommate agreement. Sheldon tells her it’s complicated, and she says she thinks she can handle it. Leonard tells Sheldon that Priya went to Cambridge, was the top of her class, “and is qualified to practice law in three countries, plus your face!”

Priya says that from a cursory reading, she doesn’t think Sheldon has a case regarding the emergency. Sheldon says “do so do so.” Priya says no, it doesn’t specify what counts as an emergency. Sheldon says that a bathroom emergency is obvious. Priya says that if there’s vagueness, it goes in favor of the one who didn’t write the contract. Sheldon tries to argue with a “But-”, and Priya interrupts and says there aren’t any “buts” in law, that’s how it goes. Leonard says to Sheldon, “Schooled!” and grins.

On one take, right after “schooled!” Johnny just couldn’t stop smiling. And finally he cracked and was laughing, and then Jim started laughing, and Johnny moved to sort of hug Jim from behind. So adorable.

Aarti was having a lot of trouble with her lines in this scene. On one take with her next line, she somehow combined “shower capacity” into something that made no sense, and Johnny made a comment about how she was making up words now.

But so Priya says on the matter of shower capacity, she points to item J below it, which says that when Sheldon showers second, all measures much be taken which ensure he still has warm water, and that supersedes the shower limit. Leonard repeats to Sheldon, “Superseded!”

Sheldon says this isn’t over yet, and leaves. Leonard tells Priya that shower sex with her just became the second best thing that happened that morning.

Scene 3 - Guys’ apartment, still later

Leonard, Raj, Howard, and Priya are all eating dinner. Raj says he can’t believe they’re eating Greek food on pizza night - this is the best thing they’ve done to mess with Sheldon since thy left the fake voicemail from Stephen Hawking. (Kunal choked on a piece of rice when they started the second take.) Priya asks, seriously? Howard imitates the message they’d left, something about wanting to meet with Sheldon to discuss his theories, I think at a donut shop?

Sheldon enters, sees what they’re eating, and states that it’s pizza night. Leonard says he’d like to turn this over to his attorney. Priya refers to the roommate agreement, and says that Thursday night is pizza night from X restaurant (whatever the name was). Sheldon says yes, but when they closed they switched to Y restaurant. Howard asks Priya, can you just switch restaurants like that? Priya says good question, and no, you can’t. You need a public forum, and something else, and asks Sheldon if that happened. He says no, and the rest of the guys all yell, “OPA!”

Sheldon says that Leonard hates Greek food. Leonard says, “Not as much as you.” Sheldon says fine, he’s flexible, and Leonard hands him the lamb kabobs they ordered him. Sheldon takes a bite, and chews on it for a while. He says that Greek food actually isn’t too far off form Italian, they share a spice pallet. Keeps chewing. He adds that the Greeks were actually a great civilization. More chewing. They gave them democracy, and something else, …and charred meat that tastes like sweat, and he spits it out.

Scene 4 - Hallway

Sheldon knocks on Penny’s door, informing her that pizza night is now at her place, and tells her to order one. She says sorry, she can’t help, she’s meeting Bernadette and Amy for dinner. She says Sheldon’s welcome to come. He says he’s not interested in listening to them talk about menstrual cramps and whatever else he listed. She says fine, but they’ll probably be some Priya bashing. He quickly follows, and I think called shotgun.

Scene 5 - Restaurant

The three girls and Sheldon are at a small table. The waiter brings three cosmopolitans, and one glass of milk. Sheldon asks, no Oreo? The waiter says they couldn’t find one. Sheldon says clearly they have different ideas of what a full bar is then.

Penny proposes a toast to their girls’ night out. Amy warns Sheldon that they can get cr-azy. Bernadette says last time they smoked cigars and pretended to be dragons. Sheldon asks Amy, really? Tobacco and alcohol? And he reminds her that great scientific discoveries weren’t made by rum-addled sailors. They kept changing up his line here, so instead of the sailors it was also “high school bad boys,” and “people having a good time.” Then instead, after tobacco and alcohol, he asked, “What’s next, NASCAR and firearms?”

Amy asks Penny, why did you invite him, he’s hashing my buzz. Penny says she felt sorry for him, Priya was giving him a hard time. Bernadette says oh, the Priya bashing’s starting early tonight, and asks “what’s with those pant suits?” Amy says she needs some context. Penny tells her pant suits suck. Amy says oh, and Priya wears them, thus opening herself up for ridicule, and tells Bernadette good one. Then she turns back to Sheldon, and says see, cr-azy.

Scene 6 - Restaurant, about an hour later

The scene opens with Penny and Amy engaged by their drinks, and Bernadette’s pulling the lever so her seat sinks lower, and saying “weeee!”

Amy tells Sheldon he smells like baby powder. Sheldon says it’s talc, which is a main ingredient of baby powder, so her confusion is understandable. Amy says she’s not confused, and says he’s like a sexy toddler. Sheldon says he doesn’t know how to take that. Bernadette says she does, and starts singing Sheldon and Amy sitting in a tree, K I S S S S I N G. Penny tells her that’s to many S’s for kissing. Bernadette says not if they’re kissing for a really long time.

Penny asks Sheldon if he’s ever kissed anyone, and he says other than his mom, sister, and Meemaw, no. Though in full disclosure he did once give mouth to mouth to a nun on a bus who’d passed out from a heat stroke. Every Christmas she sends him a card with far too many X’s and Os. Bernadette says that doesn’t count. Penny asks where his scientific curiosity is, and Amy says she’ll offer herself up as an experiment, and puckers up.

Sheldon says he already knows what’s involved in a kiss, and lists how many muscles are used. Amy then turns to Penny instead, and says “give me some sugar bestie” and gives her a quick kiss on the lips. Sheldon comments that he’s glad no one was curious about some sort of torture.

Penny says they should take Sheldon dancing. Sheldon says no, but she insists. Bernadette wants to see Sheldon dance, she says it’d be like a spider on a hot place. Sheldon says actually he’s accomplished in the waltz, rumba (I think), plus one other. Amy’s surprised, but Sheldon says she shouldn’t be, he’s accomplished at a lot of things.

Penny asks if he took dancing lessons, and he said yes, against his will. In Texas adolescents were forced to go through a cotillion, which prepared them for life in 17th century Vienna. And Sheldon says he’s still not going dancing with them, but Bernadette asks what his cotillion training says he should do if three women invite him out dancing. First Sheldon’s response was “Darn my good upbringing;” on the first couple of takes he said it while looking up around the restaurant, then it was changed to him gulping the rest of his milk after the line, then it was changed to him just sipping it from a straw, and added a comment about really wanting an Oreo. Then it was changed completely to him saying he saved a nun, why is he being punished?

Scene 7 - Cab (pre-taped, reenacted for us)

The four of them climb into the back seat of a cab. Penny asks the driver to take them somewhere where they can waltz. The driver (an Asian man), asks confused, waltz? Sheldon says yes, and describes it, and sings a few measures of an example. The man then talks to someone over the radio, in some other language, but you can understand “waltz,” and then he repeats the tune Sheldon sang. The driver gets a place, and starts driving them. Amy sings quietly to herself, “I kissed a girl and I liked it,” and Sheldon asks “What happened to you?”

Scene 8 - Dance studio (pre-taped)

Sheldon and Amy are waltzing across the dance floor… I’m not quite sure how to describe it, but not very smoothly (not that they were bad, but stiff I guess?). Penny and Bernadette are standing off to the side, watching and yelling encouragements (shake it!). An older Asian man asks Bernadette to dance, but she holds up her left hand and says she’s engaged. So he asks Penny, who says sure, why the hell not, and they dance. His hand on her back drops too low, and she shares a look with Bernadette and pulls it back up.

Scene 9 - Amy’s apartment (hallway done live - rest of scene inside pre-taped)

Sheldon and Amy are in the hallway heading to her front door. Amy asks we’re smart, why don’t we do this every night? Sheldon asks what’s 16 times 14? Amy says her burps taste like cranberries. Sheldon says that’s why.

They go inside her apartment, and Sheldon asks, is someone smoking? Amy points out a small monkey on the other side of the room, who’s smoking a cigarette (as part of her addiction study), and says that if she’s giving him emphysema, the least she can do is let him hang out there and watch cable. Sheldon walks closer to the monkey and asks if she’s worried about second hand smoke. She says no, the greatest danger is he’ll chew off her face when she’s asleep.

The monkey blows smoke in Sheldon’s face, and Amy says the monkey’s a little ass. There was some more talk about the monkey, but eventually Sheldon goes to sit on the couch and says he needs to talk to smart Amy about his problem with Priya. Amy suggests that maybe his problem is being too smart. She talks about what the monkey would do of someone was intruding his space, and ends up suggesting that Sheldon play dirty. Sheldon asks, dirty? And she repeats, dirty, dirty, dirty, while twirling a strand of her hair around her finger. (Also somewhere in this scene the monkey started screeching, and Amy got up to give him another cigarette, which he lit himself.)

And Amy says that actually leads to the next thing she’s going to, and she leans forward to kiss him. After the kiss Sheldon had a short line, but I couldn’t hear him over the audience reaction. Amy tells him that what’s about to happen has nothing to do with the kiss, and she gets up to run to the bathroom, where she throws up.

Sheldon (who seems to be mostly unaffected by the kiss) stands and goes to the monkey again, and I think said something to him? But the monkey blows smoke at him again, and Sheldon says you really are a little ass.

Scene 10 - Guys’ apartment

Sheldon’s at his computer when Leonard and Penny walk in, and Sheldon says that he has a new roommate agreement for Leonard to sign that will benefit Sheldon greatly. Leonard asks why would be do that. Sheldon asks if he remembers what happened to the alien in the Star Trek episode Let That Be Your Last Battlefield. Leonard says that Kirk threatened to blow up the Enterprise with both of them on it until the alien surrendered.

Sheldon turns to his computer, and starts a self destruction sequence, with a countdown from 60 seconds. Leonard asks if he’s going to blow up the apartment. Sheldon says no, he considered it, but all of his things are there too. Priya asks so what will happen when it gets to zero. Sheldon says his computer will send an email to her parents telling them about her secret relationship with whiter than marshmallow fluff Leonard.

Priya starts to freak out. Leonard says it’s fine, they’ll find out about him eventually anyway. She says sure, but not today. He asks if she’s ashamed of him. She says no, of course not. Leonard asks then why can’t they know now? She tells him to stop pushing her. Sheldon says Leonard does that a lot. Leonard says Sheldon’s bluffing, and Sheldon says he never bluffs. (During all of this, Sheldon is periodically announcing how much time’s left.) Leonard unplugs the computer, but Sheldon says, “It’s a laptop with a full charge, really, what do you see in him?”

Getting down to the last few seconds. Priya tells Leonard to do what Sheldon says or they’re over. (And for a second here, I swear I thought this was how it was going to end between them.) But Leonard finally gives in, and Sheldon stops the computer. Sheldon puts a pen on top of the agreement, tells Priya “You may have gone to Cambridge, but I’m an honorary graduate of Star Fleet Academy,” and walks out while Leonard and Priya just stand there in silence, neither looking very happy.

Scene 11 - Guys’ apartment, slightly later

Sheldon’s at his desk, and gets a video call from Amy, who’s clearly hung-over. He says good morning, she says no it’s not, and asks him what happened last night. He tells her he dropped her off at her apartment, she kissed him, proceeded to throw up for 40 minutes then fell asleep in the bathroom, he folded a towel and put it under her head as a pillow, reset the time on her stove clock because it was driving him crazy, and then left.

She says she’s not really sure where they should go from there. Sheldon suggests they treat their relationship like a crashed computer, and reboot form the last place it was acceptable to both of them. Amy agrees. The monkey screeches from off screen, and Amy yells at him that they were out of Marlboros, get over it! Then she tells Sheldon how horrible it is to live with a irritable small primate. From off screen Leonard yells at Priya to just admit that she’s embarrassed of him. Sheldon tells Amy she’s preaching to the choir.
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