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The Film Festival Circuit Begins!!!!

Lee Roy Kunz -- creator and executive producer of the movie sent this out this morning:

Subject: International Beverly Hills Film Festival
Hello all,

The Frankenstein Brothers will make its international debut at The International Beverly Hills Film Festival on Thursday, April 7th, at 9:25PM in the Clarity Theater.

A little about the festival:

The International Beverly Hills Film Festival, known as the BHFF, is one of the most exclusive film festivals in the world with over twenty thousand attendees in its five day affair. The BHFF brings together hundreds of media from around the globe, with over two hundred and seventy million media impressions reported annually and growing.

Tickets are available at:

We hope to see you all there as The Frankenstein Brothers begins the festival circuit.

All the best,

Lee Roy

Location & Time:

Thursday, April 7th at 9:25pm in the Clarity Theater
100 N. Crescent Drive Beverly Hills, CA 90210
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