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Originally Posted by Roswell 10/2/00 (View Post)
Totally I swear you would think she was apart of Jason's family with the amount of Jason goodies she finds and the collection she has.
I wish I have!

I'm only a good 'searcher'. Jason give me a hard time to become a good 'finder'! But I'm very patient and determined.

One day, if he will not exit from his cave once and for all, I'll open my Fort Knox.

I don't think it will happen, but if it should, please defend me, because he'll kill me.

JaDee Appreciation Thread #5: The couple that cooks together, stays together.

Jason and baby Elija, his godson (sorry, but i've chosen to keep the little face hidden)


Erin, you can go there for TLIP caps:

Galleria fotografica di 'The last international Playboy' @ ScreenWEEK

but the caps you are searching are not there. And I didn't managed to made some decent caps of your scene. They are all unclear and out of focus. Sorry.
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