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The 100th Thread Celebration
Dan and Blair is Canon
Vote In Post

1/ Below is a Pool of 60 songs. They have been taken from your nominations, from fanvids and other sources. They will be presented in a general fashion, with the ff. format:

Song name & Artist, link to YT or wherever, reasons why the song is perfect (snippet of lyrics or meta from nominating person)

2/ There are 2 albums: The Degas (Blair) and The Beuys (Dan). It's essentially a She Said/He Said collection. Their story told through their POV

Degas is one of the most well known painters of the Impressionist movement. Most impressionist paintings are usually dubbed emotional. Degas had a thing for dancers and movement and architecture as Blair mentioned. He also had a thing for stunningly insightful portraits, portraits that seem to delve deeply into the subject.

Beuys is more a philosopher than artist. He uses art as a means to communicate his ideas about society and sustainability. His art is solid, grounded, makes use of the everyday objects to showcase deeper meaning. He is quintessentially modern.

Each album will have a mix of the following categories of songs:

1/ Old School Romance - renamed from Classics, the songs here are not necessarily from Black and White films. These are usually older songs and they evoke joy, happiness, old world charm and romance, much like the movies Dan and Blair watches, or emulates.

2/ Canon Sonic - Look at all the clips ~Air~ has compiled for survivor (almost complete 60 in the Couples Game). Think of a favorite scene. Imagine you are the show musical supervisor and you are scoring that scene. What other song will you use?
Please note that At Your Door, The Thanks I Get, Don't Wait and U+Me are AUTOMATICALLY included in the Soundtrack so they are not included in the Pool of 60.

3/ Wish Fulfillment - Go wild with your imagination. There are a good number of established fanon tropes for DAir though that you could consider:

a/ Dan has written Blair...something. Novel, play, poem. Or he's reading her something. What is it?
b/ Dan and Blair singing karaoke. Is this going to be adorable and cute? Are they going to go High School Musical? Will it be the most embarrassing song possible?
c/ Dan and Blair smexy times. We all know we want them to go there.
d/ Dan and Blair dancing (3x18 doesn't count because we didn't see it).
e/ Blair throwing shoes and other pointy objects at Dan during another legendary fight, similar to their throwdown at the W party. Only Dan can get her that riled up.
f/ Dan and Blair endgame in whatever way you imagine it - Dan & Blair in their own mystery show spinoff giving out Frontier Justice, married with babies, etc.
g/ the list of wishes can go on here.... you can put in your own.


1/ From the Pool of 60, choose 2 (two) songs you feel are Old Romance, 3 (three) songs you feel should be Canon and which scene, and 3 (three) songs for Wish fulfillment and what wishes are those.
To repeat, you will vote for a total of 8 (eight) songs broken down as mentioned above.

Format is as follows: Category Name/Song Name & Artist/Why this song? (applicable to Wish Fulfillment category only)

2/ Posters have up to March 11 to vote, starting from the posting of the actual Song Vote In Post.

3/ PM me your votes. Hover the cursor over my Avatar and click and the option to PM should show up.


1/ the top 4 songs that are voted into Old Romance

2/ the top 6 songs that are voted into Canon
3/ the top 6 songs that are voted in Wish Fulfillment
4/ Bonus track for any poetry suggested/nominated.
5/ in case of a tie, no tie-break necessary as long as all the songs together with the Canon 4 are within 24.

These winning 20-24 songs will then be split between the Degas and the Beuys.


The Spoken Word category only has one nomination with an actual recording so far, though some poetry has already been nominated. The idea is that this would be a “bonus” track on each album (yes we’ll have 2 Spoken Word tracks – it’s She Said, He Said after all so Dan can’t have the last word. Can you imagine Blair standing for that?) For now, we’ll exclude this category to give everyone more time to sniff out nominations.

The Pool of 60
The songs are presented in absolutely no particular order.

Almost all songs are linked to Youtube. Only original videos are linked, to minimize the undue influence of the use of the song in Dan/Blair fanvids where applicable.

1) Heart and Shoulder/Heather Nova

Wanna Cry For You
Would It Do Any Good ?
If I Rained For You
It Would Just Be Water
And The Night's With You
And The Storm's In Your Hand
And You're Down, And You're Down
And I Can't Lift You
I'm Powerless To Change Your World
I'm Powerless To Stop The Hurt
But I'll Give You My Heart
Give You My Shoulder
I Give You My Heart
Give You My Shoulder
Over And Over

2) Terrified/Katharine McPhee feat. Zachary Levi

And this could be good
It’s already better than that
And nothing’s worse

Than knowing you’re holding back
I could be all that you needed
If you let me try
You set it again, my heart’s in motion
Every word feels like a shooting star
I’m at the edge of my emotions

Watching the shadows burning in the dark
And I’m in love, And I’m terrified
For the first time and the last time

3) Moon River/Henry Mancini performed by Audrey Hepburn

Two drifters off to see the world
There’s such a lot of world to see
We’re after the same rainbow’s end
Waiting round the bend
My Huckleberry friend
Moon River and me

4) Hang With Me (acoustic)/Robyn

And if you do me right
I'm gonna do right by you
And if you keep it tight
I'm gonna confide in you
I know what's on your mind
There will be time for that too
If you hang with me
Hang with me
Just don't fall
Recklessly, headlessly in love with me
Cause it's gonna be
All heartbreak
Blissfully painful and insanity
If we agree
Oh, you can hang with me

5) Long Time Coming/The Delays

And you're a long time coming
A long time
Coming home
Do you see me reeling off the lines
I've seen your, I've seen your
How can you grow old
You were my triumph?
How can you grow old
You were my

6) Give in to me/Garret Hedlung and Leighton Meester

You’re gonna take my hand
Whisper the sweetest words
And if you’re ever sad
I’ll make you laugh
I’ll chase the hurt

7) Never Lonely Alone/Space Needle

You don't know who you are
You get your life from a star
But I, I can see in the dark
And I am living in this world day to day
Nothing can be so strange
As to make you wanna stay
I found out a long time ago
There's a voice in my head
I can't remember what it said
It said, ooooh, oooooh, oooooh
You always answer the phone
You never go out alone
But I'm never lonely alone

Veronica Mars sent me here.

8) I’m Not In Love/10CC

I like to see you, but then again
That doesn't mean you mean that much to me
So if I call you, don't make a fuss
Don't tell your friends about the two of us
I'm not in love, no-no
(It's because...)

9) Near to You/A Fine Frenzy

He and I had something beautiful
But so dysfunctional, it couldn't last
I loved him so but I let him go
'Cause I knew he'd never love me back
Such pain as this
Shouldn't have to be experienced
I'm still reeling from the loss,
Still a little bit delirious
Near to you, I am healing
But it's taking so long
'Cause though he's gone
And you are wonderful
It's hard to move on
Yet, I'm better near to you.
You and I have something different
And I'm enjoying it cautiously
I'm battle scarred, I am working oh so hard
To get back to who I used to be

10) Fix You/Coldplay

When you try your best, but you don't succeed
When you get what you want, but not what you need
When you feel so tired, but you can't sleep
Stuck in reverse
And the tears come streaming down your face
When you lose something you can't replace
When you love someone, but it goes to waste
Could it be worse?
Lights will guide you home
And ignite your bones
And I will try to fix you

11) Not Like the Movies/Katy Perry

Snow white said when I was young,
"One day my prince will come."
So I wait for that date.
They say its hard to meet your match,
Find my better half.
So we make perfect shapes.
If stars don't align,

If it doesn't stop time,
If you cant see the sign,
Wait for it.
One hundred percent,
With every penny spent.
He'll be the one that,
Finishes your sentences

12) Paper Cup/Heather Nova

Wishful thinking I might be yours
Drifting on every step
I'm always drawn to the dark horse
Sweet sweet nothing's said
And every dream is just a dream after all
And everything stands so still when you dance
Everything spins so fast
And the night's in a paper cup
When you want it to last

13) Daydream Believer/The Monkees; Shonen Knife; Anne Murray

Oh, I could hide 'neath the wings of the bluebird as she sings
The six o'clock alarm would never ring
But it rings and I rise wipe the sleep out of my eyes
The shavin' razor's cold, and it stings
Cheer up, sleepy Jean, oh what can it mean
To a daydream believer and a homecoming queen?
You once thought of me as a white knight on his steed
Now you know how happy I can be

All 3 artists have a similar approach to the song. The Monkees version is the original and is the one linked, but the Shonen Knife version is a powergirl fave.

14) Daydream Believer/Mary Beth Mariarz

The treatment is so decidedly different that it is practically a different song. And the fact that it was originally a Dawson/Joey song, and that Pacey/Joey stole it says lots.

15) It Had to be You/Harry Connick, Jr.

Some others I've seen,
Might never be mean
Might never be cross,
Or try to be boss
But they wouldn't do
For nobody else, gave me a thrill
With all your faults, I
Love you still
It had to be you, wonderful you
It had to be you

16) Falling in Love in a Coffee Shop/Landon Pigg

I think that possibly, maybe I’m falling for you
Yes there’s a chance that I’ve fallen quite hard over you.
I’ve seen the paths that your eyes wander down
I want to come too…
I think that possibly, maybe I’m falling for you

17) Animal (acoustic)/Neon Trees

I kinda wanna be more than friends
So take it easy on me
I'm afraid
You're never satisfied
Here we go again
We're sick like animals
We play pretend
You're just
A cannibal
And I'm afraid
I won't get out alive
I won't sleep tonight

18) The Guy That Says Goodbye To You is Out of His Mind/Griffin House

Well I been down and I need your help I’ve been feeling sorry for myself
Don’t hesitate to boost my confidence
I been lost and I need direction, I could use a little love-protection
What do you say, honey, come to my defense?
I’ll stand up for you if it’s what you need and I can take a punch, I don’t mind to bleed
As long as afterwards you feel bad for me
And you give me all of your attention I got deep desire and it needs quenchin’
I think that’s pretty plain for you to see
Hell, enough about me and more about you cause that’d be the gentlemanly thing to do
I hope you like your men sweet and polite

19) La Vie En Rose/Edith Piaf feat. Louis Armstrong

Il est entre dans mon coeur
Une part de bonheur
Dont je connais la cause.
C'est lui pour moi. Moi pour lui
Dans la vie,
Il me l'a dit, l'a jure pour la vie.
Et des que je l'apercois
Alors je sens en moi
Mon coeur qui bat

20) Shiver/Coldplay

And it's you I see but you don't see me
And it's you I hear so loud and so clear
I sing it loud and clear
And I'll always be waiting for you
So I look in your direction
But you pay me no attention
And you know how much I need you
But you never even see me

21) Feeling Good/Michael Buble

Fish in the sea
You know how I feel
River running free
You know how I feel
Blossom in the tree
You know how I feel
It's a new dawn
It's a new day
It's a new life
For me
And I'm feeling good

22) Everybody Here Wants You/Jeff Buckley

Such a thing of wonder in this crowd,
I'm a stranger in this town, you're free with me.
And our eyes locked in downcast love, I sit here proud,
Even now you're undressed in your dreams with me.
I'm only here for this moment.
I know everybody here wants you.
I know everybody here thinks he needs you.
I'll be waiting right here just to show you
How our love will blow it all away.

23) Just The Way you Are/Bruno Mars

Oh you know, you know, you know
Id never ask you to change
If perfect is what you're searching for
Then just stay the same
So don't even bother asking
If you look okay
You know I say

24) I Hear the Bells/Michael Doughty

You snooze, you lose
Well I have snost and lost
I’m pushing through
I’ll disregard the cost
I hear the bells
So fascinating and
I’ll slug it out
I’m sick of waiting

I can
Hear the bells are
Ringing joyful and triumphant and

I can
Hear the bells are
Ringing joyful and triumphant and I can

Veronica Mars/Gossip Girl is sending messages from the ether (use her songs!)

25) At Last/Etta James

At last, my love has come along
My lonely days are over
And life is like a song
Oh, yeah, at last
The skies above are blue
My heart was wrapped up in clovers
The night I looked at you
I found a dream that I could speak to
A dream that I can call my own

26) X&Y/Coldplay

I dive in at the deep end
and you become my best friend
I want to love you but I don’t know if I can
I know something is broken
and I’m trying to fix it
Trying to repair it anyway I can

27) Dare You to Move/Switchfoot, David Cook

Everybody's watching you now
Everybody waits for you now
What happens next
What happens next
I dare you to move
I dare you to move
I dare you to lift yourself up off the floor
I dare you to move
I dare you to move
Like today never happened
Today never happened before
Welcome to the fallout
Welcome to resistance
The tension is here
The tension is here
Between who you are and who you could be
Between how it is and how it should be, yeah

28) The Future is Where we Belong/Hotpipes (no YT available)

Hot Pipes "The Future is Where We Belong" Video
The future is where we belong
The future is where we belong
Forget every trouble and woe
the future is where we belong

the past disappears with the sun
now every child will be born
to know how to love and admire
but the ship is on course to return

29) Through the Dark/Alexi Murdoch

Someone reaching for me now
Through the dark, reaching for me now
You need someone to hear you when you sigh
Someone to wipe away those tears you cry
Someone to hold you 'neath the darkened sky
Someone to love you more than I

30) Perfect/P!nk

You're so mean
When you talk
About yourself
You are wrong
Change the voices
In your head
Make them like you
So complicated
Look how big you'll make it
Filled with so much hatred
Such a tired game
It's enough
I've done all I can think of
Chased down all my demons
See you same

31) Everyday/Carly Comando

Piano Instrumental only

32) Lovers who Uncover/The Little Ones

Where do all the lovers meet with one another,
in an effort to uncover what has happened to their salad days?
The sprite ones on the corner, dream of something warmer
A semblance of their old ways, what has happened to our handmade days?

33) Wires/Matt & Kim

Cut and crossed wires
Electric fires
Reset your clocks
And rewrite your thoughts

It’s burning down
Let’s keep it up
Flames they grow strong
The louder the song

34) Short Skirt, Long Jacket/Cake

I want a girl who gets up early

I want a girl who stays up late
I want a girl with uninterrupted prosperity
Who uses a machete to cut through red tape
With fingernails that shine like justice
And a voice that is dark like tinted glass
She is fast and thorough
And sharp as a tack
She's touring the facility
And picking up slack
I want a girl with a short skirt and a lonnnnng.... lonnng jacket

35) You’ve Really got a Hold on Me/Smokey Robinson & The Miracles, The Beatles, Elvis Costello, Thao, many artists
i don’t want you
but i need you
don’t want to kiss you
but i need to
though you do me wrong now
my love is strong now
you really got a hold on me(you really got a hold on me)
you really got a hold on me(you really got a hold on me), baby

36) A Kiss to Build a Dream On/Louis Armstrong

Give me a kiss before you leave me
And my imagination will feed my hungry heart
Leave me one thing before we part
A kiss to build a dream on

37) Edge of Desire/John Mayer

John Mayer’s intro speech is something Dan and Blair should hear. “Next time you get a text from the one you love, the only person in the world you love and can talk to – that you respond, and just write back…yup come over. Life is too short to keep playing the game. Because if you really want somebody, you’ll figure it out later.”

38) Noisemaker/Two Hours Traffic

but it's cool, you're contending
if we have an embrace
you just keep on befriending
right in front of my faee
maybe i should explain
it's a tired refrain
you get your joy
you get your joys
you get your joys turning love into noise

39) Only One/Lifehouse

it's so shallow and all so appealing
I'm up to my ankles and I'm drowning anyway
in a sea of sarcastic faces
familiar places
everything looks quite the same here
it's all confusingly amusing
bitter and tainted the picture you painted to me
I guess you're the only one
that nobody changes
I guess you're the only one
left standing when everything else goes down

40) Blood Bank/Bon Iver
You said, "Ain't this just like the present
To be showing up like this"
As a moon waned to crescent
We started to kissAnd I said I know it well
That secret that we knowThat we don't know how to tell

41) Dancing on my own (acoustic)/Robyn

I'm in the corner, watching you kiss her, ohhh
I'm right over here, why can't you see me, ohhh
I'm giving it my all, but I'm not the guy you're taking home
I keep dancing on my own
I keep dancing on my own
So far away, but still so near
The lights go on, the music dies
But you don't see me standing here
I just came to say goodbye

42) You’re Sensational/Frank Sinatra

Making love is quite an art,
What you require is the proper squire
To fire your heart,
And if you say
That one fine day you'll let me come to call,
We'll have a ball,
'Cause you're sensational,
That's all, that's all, that's all.

43) Nolita Fairytale/Vanessa Carlton

I used to hover outside my truth
Always worried ‘bout what I’d lose
Take away my record deal
Go on I don’t need it
Spent the last two years getting to what’s real
And now I can see so clear
I hope you feel just like I feel
‘Cause I found some kind of fairytale

44) Autumn in New York/Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong

It's autumn in new york
That brings the promise of new love
Autumn in new york
Is often mingled with pain
Dreamers with empty hands
They sigh for exotic lands
It's autumn in new york
It's good to live it again

45) Freeze Ray/Neil Patrick Harris

With my freeze ray I will
find the time to find the words to
Tell you how
How you make
Make me feel
What’s the phrase?
Like a fool
Kinda sick
Special needs

46) Something Good can Work/Two Door Cinema Club

Let's make this happen, girl you gonna show the world that something good can work and it can work for you.
And you know that it will.
Let's get this started girl, we're moving up we're moving up It's been alot to change but you will always get what you want.
Took a little time to make it a little better,
it's only going out, just one thing and another,
you know!
You know!

47) I Won’t Change You/Sophie Ellis Bextor

I used to change my accent, change my stance
My phone number, the way I dance
Some people change lovers like they change their sheets
But I won't change you honey, you're for keeps

48) Crazy for You/Madonna

I see you through the smokey air
Can't you feel the weight of my stare
You're so close but still a world away
What I'm dying to say, is that
I'm crazy for you
Touch me once and you'll know it's true
I never wanted anyone like this
It's all brand new, you'll feel it in my kiss
I'm crazy for you, crazy for you

49) I Would Do Anything For Love/Meatloaf

And I would do anything for love.
But I won't do that.
No I won't do that.
Will you raise me up, will you help me down?
Will you get me right out of this God forsaken town?
Will you make it all a little less cold?
I can do that. Oh I can do that.
Will you cater to every fantasy I've got?
Will you hose me down with holy water, if I get too hot? Hot!
Will you take me places I've never known?
Now I can do that! Oh oh now, I can do that!
After awhile you'll forget everything.
It was a brief interlude
And a midsummer night's fling,
And you'll see that it's time to move on.
I won't do that. I won't do that.
I know the territory, I've been around,
It'll all turn to dust and will all fall down,
Sooner or later, you'll be screwing around.
I won't do that. No, I won't do that.
Anything for love,
Oh, I would do anything for love,
I would do anything for love,
But I won't do that.
No, I won't do that.

50) Bet You Never Thought/Brighton, MA

yeah, we're all just a start
a small part of centuries moving on
so you grab something good
and hold on 'cause the world's gone wrong
and you can't go back home
cause you're restless and scared with something to prove
that nothing should be left but burial grounds
with nothing to gain and nothing to lose
bet you never thought it would be like this

51) Inside Your Head/Eberg

Ding dong the clock is wrong
Dong ding
Tick tock stubborn clock
Tock tick
Inside your head

52) Beat of My Own Song/Meme

I walk in stride

To the beat of my own song

53) Breathe Me/Sia

Help, I have done it again

I have been here many times before
Hurt myself again today
And, the worst part is there's no-one else to blame
Be my friend
Hold me, wrap me up
Unfold me
I am small
I'm needy
Warm me up
And breathe me

54) Realize/Colbie Caillat

It's not the same
No it's never the same
If you don't feel it to.
If you meet me half way
If you would meet me half way.
It could be the same for you.

55) Long Shot/Katy Perry, Kelly Clarkson

I should have seen it coming.

So now I take a chance on
this thing we may have started
intentional or not.
I don't think we saw it coming.
It's all adding up to something,
that asks for some involvement
that asks for a commitment.
I think I see it coming
if we step out on that ledge.
My heart beat, beats me senselessly.
Why's everything gotta be so intense with me.
I'm trying handle all this unpredictability,
in all probability.

56) Real Life Fairytale/Plumb

You are my light, you are my star, you are my sunshine and my dark
You are the everything I dreamed about
You are the guy who stole my heart
I am the girl you're always smiling for
We have a love people dream about
A real life fairytale

57) Breathin/Asylum Street Spankers

It’s just as easy as ABC, It’s like learning how to count
You know that loving you is like breathing in and breathing out.
It’s an involuntary reflex of that I have no doubt
Loving you is just like breathing in and breathing out.

58) Girl U Want/Devo

she sings from somewhere you can't see
she sits in the top of a greenhouse tree
she sends out an aroma of unrefined love
it drips on down in a mist from above
she's just the girl
she's just the girl
the girl you want

59) Beauty and the Beast/Celine Dion

Tale as old as time
True as it can be
Barely even friends
Then somebody bends
Just a little change
Small, to say the least
Both a little scared
Neither one prepared
Beauty and the Beast

60) The Bird and The Worm/Owl City

If you're my girl, swirl me around your room with feeling
And as we twirl, the glow in the dark stars on your ceiling
Will shine for us, as love sweeps over the room
'Cause we tend to make each other blush, you make me blush
You and I left our troubles far behind, troubles far behind
But I still have just one more question on my mind
For all my pals who live in the oceans and the seas
With fronds like these well, who needs anemones?
You're the bird and I'm the worm and it's plain to see
That we were meant to be
"It's still a love story. Love stories don't necessarily end happily, or in tragedy. Sometimes they just end, and people walk away from them, affected, altered forever." - thursday's girl.DAir is the Endgame FFnet community Dom&Ariadne/John Connor&Cameron/Pacey&Joey/Kara&Lee/Logan&Veronica

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