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"S e e you later, Waldorf."

"Here comes your g h o s t of boyfriend past to haunt me."

01. Because Dan + Blair = Hotness!
02. Because the chemistry is amazing
03. Because Leighton/Penn are the sexiest cast members
04. Because they have nicknames for each other
05. Because he gained a newfound respect for her
06. Because brunettes make gorgeous couples
07. Because Dan talked to her about his mom
08. Because we love it when he looks at her
09. Because they are from two completely different worlds
10. Because we hope they'll get together someday
11. Because he went and found her
12. Because she listened to him
13. Because she thinks he's dirty.
14. Bacause they call each other Humphrey and Waldorf.
15. Bacause they still have their Cabbage Patch Kids.
16. Because he called her
17. Because she helped him through his first time (plotting) lol
18. Because they stand up for the ones they love.
19. Because he took her advice on what to do about Jenny's BF
20. Because opposite attract
21. Because they went on a date.
22. Because he was going to miss her daily ego demolitions.
23. Because "No headbands in college, okay?"
24. Because only he could make her brave.(referring to 1x04 and 2x08)
25. Because "Look who finally got a little interesting."
26. Because she's seen him shirtless.
27. Because deep down, she enjoyed seeing him shirtless.
28. Because they're intellectual equals.
29. Because they both deserved Yale, but lost it.
30. Because Dan+Blair+Coffee+Libraries=OTP.
31. Because he didn't want to exclude her in college like he was in high school.
32. Because putting him on the list for Monkey Bar was her thank you.
33. Because he's now a part of her world.
34. Because when Dan needs a scheming partner, he always knows who to call.
35. Because they're going to be the snarkiest, and sexiest, UES Alliance of all time.
36. Because even Serena is hoping that they're getting it on.
37. Because with a name like Dair, it has to be good.
38. Because Queen B and King D, practically royalty.
39. Because they're two lonely souls looking for the one.
40. Because for an AU couple, we're huge.
41. Because we all wanted sex in the bathroom.
42. Because she would help him when it was her turn.
43. Because we dream of them in Europe together.
44. Because Blair can be his muse.
45. Because with Dan, Blair's muse rule will be wrong.
46. Because they're the best friend and the boyfriend, and this is Gossip Girl.
47. College= DB love.
48. Because the fates are trying to tell us DB have to go to the same college.
49. Because we're fun and interesting as hell.
50. Because they're brunettes
51. Because PL worked on a movie before GG
52. Because it would be the best WTF?/OMFG in GG history
53. Because they're Serena approved
54. Because it's a match made in bitchy angsty Nirvana heaven
55. Because it's Audrey Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart
56. Because he missed her over the summer
57. Because "You've been served"
58. Because she has his virginity... sort of
59. Because epic! hallway scenes happen for a reason
60. Because it looks like we're getting DB scenes in Season 3
61. Because from the looks of it, she's on his speed dial
62. Because "Humphrey, you're dirty." and we all know how Blair likes it
63. Because the secret touching & glares
64. Because Blair doesn't like any of his girlfriends (someone's jealous?!)
65. Becase she asked him to be her date to Georgina's Party
66. Because "No headbands at college", Blair didn't decline and NEVER wore a headband again
67. Because Dan thinks everybody should get a second chance, even Blair
68. Because the perfect scheming team
69. Because they were sitting next to eachother at Thanksgiving
70. Because at thinksgiving Blair wainted pie and Dan raised his glass
71. Because He cares
72. Because Dan thinks Blair is not that terrible
73. Because Dan protects her from getting hurt by Chuck
74. Because he thinks Blair deserves to be with somebody who makes her happy
75. Because they dance together at Dorota's wedding
76. Because they have parent approval by Eleanor&Cyrus!
77. Because Blair protects Dan of getting hurt by Serena
78. Because when Serena had an car accident he first went to Blair instead of Vanessa (girlfriend ATM)
79. Because he can see and tell when something's wrong with her
80. Because Dan hung up an imporant phone call because of Blair wanted to talk to him
81. Because she sort of asked him as her date to a party again... only Vanessa came along
82. Because Dan is not afraid of Chuck
83. Because she came all the way to Brooklyn to apologize
84. Because road trips never been this fun
85. Because Blair enjoys his company so much that she even helped him do the dishes
86. Both love french documentaries about orangutans
87. Because they went to see Nenette together at FF
88. Because they saved their movie tickets without knowing it from each other
89. Because he's a writer and she's an evil dictator of taste
90. Because denial is the first stage and they both denied
91. Because Blair thinks Dan is a good guy, even after how her BFF treats him
92. Betting is the new flirting
93. Because Blair finally admits to her mother that Dan is her friend
94. Because they went to the movies AGAIN
95. Because she offered to go to the movies with him again.
96. Because serendipitously, they deny in the exact same way
97. Because Blair wanted the lowdown on the DS situation from S
98. Because despite her insults, he knows something was wrong with her
99. Because there can be a "Dan and Blair going to the movies" without a game.
100. Because Blair admits that Dan makes delicious coffee.
101. Because as Blair puts it Dan isn't a completely horrible looking straight guy.
102. Because Dan considers Blair's diet and doesn't want her to starve.
103. Because Dan got Blair her job back.
104. Because Dan said out loud he wants to spend Valentines with Blair.
105. Because Dan tried to warn Blair about Chuck and didn't want her to break her heart.
106. Because Dan tried to hold her hand behind closed doors.
107. Because Blair gave Dan's article to Vanity Fair instead of Details.
108. Because Blair thinks Dan's writing is "Good. Sharp."
109. Because Dan offered to watch an anti-Valentines day movie with Blair
110. Because Dan and Blair watched the same movie in bed... separately, over the phone.
111. Because Dan and Blair talked about gloves and nonsensical things while watching a movie over the phone, like gloves.
112. Because Dan offered to help Blair, on the condition that she says she needs him.
113. Because Dan thinks Blair driving herself work crazy is "the-a-tah"
114. Because "I Blair Waldorf, need Dan Humphrey's help"
115. Because Dan made Blair say she needs him "as a peer and not as an underling."
116. Because Dan worries about Blair's sleep deprivation.
117. Because Dan is Blair's drug mule.
118. Because Dan wrote the "Blair Necessities" blog entry for her.
119. Because Blair crossed the Brooklyn Bridge to apologize to Dan... again.
120. Because Blair slept on Dan's shoulder... in Brooklyn.

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