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Welcome to the
Season One Dan and Blair
Scene Survivor!
; Round 1

Please vote for your least favorite scene.
Each round will last 24 hours, and the scene with the highest number
of votes gets eliminated for the next round.
The last round will be a vote for your favorite ever Dair scene!

NOTE: This is in fact a different survivor than the Couples Thread survivor,
which includes ALL DB scenes.

#1 [watch]
"Normally I wouldn't be this close to you without a tetanus shot."

#2 [watch]
"“But you can’t wear those shoes...hmm….or that hair.”

#3 [watch]
“Aww, is that Cedric?”
“Ah, this day just got a lot worse.”

#4 [watch]
"How'd you do?"

#5 [watch]
“Dan Humphrey, just who I hate to admit I was looking for. You’re dirty!”

#6 [watch]
"Don't worry, virgin, I'll talk you through it."

Current Round 1 Tally:

#2 - 2
#3 - 4
#4 – 14
Round 1 Ends Wednesday Evening EST
allison [ & ] argent
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