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Phil Of The Future was the name of the show. It aired on Disney channel. The last good live action show on Disney. imo. It aired from 2004-2006. Season 1 was filmed in 2003-2004 and Season 2 was filmed in 2004-2005. Sadly it was cancelled suddenly in mid-late 2005. Last episode aired August of 2006.

I have talked to the creator and he told me how he had to fight really hard to cast Alyson because she had no prior acting experience. Disney didnt like that idea. But it all worked out and i'm glad they fought hard to cast Aly. She is really an underrated actress. People like to write off actresses that come from Disney but Aly is the real deal. She is showing it on Hellcats. Watching her portray a high school cheerleader in one of the early episodes of 'Phil' to watching her portray one on Hellcats an interesting comparison. Also it's Disney vs CW. They always show more skin on the CW.


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