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What if ..."Fringe" exec producer Jeff Pinkner puts forth a sports scenarios that might have been

What if? Have any two words started more dorm debates? What if Washington had drowned attempting to cross the Delaware -- would America still be saluting the Queen? What if Jenny Porter and I hadn't broken up in junior year -- would we be married and living in Chicago with two kids and a French bulldog? Seriously, what if I had flippers instead of fingers -- how would I hold this beer?

"Fringe," the TV show J.H. Wyman and I run, imagines an alternate universe -- a world like ours, populated with people just like us, but with subtle differences brought about by historical tweaks. In the Fringe world, the Statue of Liberty retains its copper sheen because she's never been allowed to oxidize, we fly in zeppelins because the Hindenburg disaster never happened and Len Bias is a living member of basketball's Hall of Fame, having led Boston to five titles instead of OD'ing two days after draft night.

The Mag asked me to apply the same fuzzy, godlike logic to other sports scenarios. Here's how it all would have unfolded had one moment gone another way.
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