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I just loved how Sav just simply found out that Holly J slept with Declan never asked any questions or anything else about that and simply took her back and oh, yes, let's not forget Sav was the one who apologized it wasn't Holly J. I think that Holly J slept with Declan but she called it a "mistake" to not have to deal with the fact that she cheated on Sav and Sav was already at a disadvantage to begin with because he has to forgive Holly J for whatever she does or doesn't do because otherwise he really would have no real storyline or point on screen. I think that there was simply miscommunication and a misunderstanding between Holly J and Declan and that he would never hurt Holly J intentionally but that even if he wasn't with Holly J I still think Declan's character is interesting on his own without Holly J and or Fiona and that TPTB would write for him but, for whatever reason that has never materialized on screen for Sav.
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