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'lol mistake sex!?'
When Sav asked Holly J if she slept with Declan she basically went along with that. She said it was a "mistake", and I think that Sav just believed her because she didn't say anything that explicitly implied it wasn't her choice. So when she called it a "mistake", I think he was just assuming that she was using it as an excuse for cheating on him, because people sometimes say that when they cheat, you know? Like, "Oh baby, I'm so sorry! It was just a mistake! It'll never happen again!" And people say that when they sleep with someone else by choice. I'm not saying that HJ cheated, but I think the reason Sav wasn't concerned was because his mind didn't jump to rape, considering it probably never even crossed his mind that Declan would do something like that. Sav wasn't there, so...

Hey there regiusachan You sure you feel comfortable posting in this thread with us? You're welcome to vent of course just remember that we might say things about Savvy J that you won't like, since you're a fan
Yeah, you're pretty brave, reguisachan. I would never go into the Anti-Eclare thread. I wouldn't be able to take the things they were saying without getting upset.
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