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Originally Posted by necklace (View Post)
Hey there regiusachan You sure you feel comfortable posting in this thread with us? You're welcome to vent of course just remember that we might say things about Savvy J that you won't like, since you're a fan
Yeah. Hi, there!
I agree with a few points. Yes, I've been lurking this thread - against my better judgment (but I lack any good judgment, so there you go). Sav doesn't have any other purpose besides being a boyfriend or comic relief or Alli's brother. And yeah, Holly J has a lot more screen-presence than Sav. Fiona also has the same quality as Holly J/Declan/anyone else(?), so, that's why Holly J and Fiona would be a dream come true (and my outer-bisexual side would enjoy it).
Sav is cute, but not pretty. I dunno. Declan had prettiness/presence, then he screwed it all up by being a creep. Ah, well, Fiona still has a chance at Holly J, at least.

Then if Declan returns, we can see him angst over his sister being with his ex-girlfriend. That'd be awesome..and show more of Landon's acting skills. I don't know if Sav'd really care. He'd probably be dead or something.

Confession: I NEVER thought I'd like Sav/Holly J, either, so, there you go. If I wanted them to get married and the whole-nine, I might be more offended by this thread, but since I don't want them married, it's whatever to me. HELLO, THERE.
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