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Originally Posted by regiusachan (View Post)
Alli needs to tell Sav she was almost raped by Owen. That'd make him be less bitchy at Alli, I'd hope. OWEN NEEDS TO BE IN PRISON. Damnit. Not just did he throw Adam through glass, but he was planning to rape Alli, if Drew hadn't come in time (Other than being nice to Adam and helping Alli avert being raped, Drew isn't that great...).

Holland Fan Forever: Dude, they weren't boyfriend/girlfriend until Halo after they got into that argument/lalala. So, Holly J had no reason to feel guilty AT ALL. They were friends with benefits, without the benefits (no sex), though I'm sure they came reaaally close - look at All Falls Down - the Lady In Red TVTrope. Sure, it was ****ty (but not bad?), but LL was not ****ty.

Minor irk: I always wondered what the HELL TPTB meant, but then after reading through the word salad, I realized what it meant. THE POWERS THAT BE. Jesus?
I think it might be a little different for Holly J and Sav if after finding out how Sav felt about her Holly J didn't just ask to start over which to me showed again that she's ignoring his feelings. I don't know anyone who would go out with someone who spread a false rumor about them but to me Sav has to put up with Holly J and whatever she does because otherwise he really would be left without much to do and to me he is already irrelevant in this storyline. Holly J was never the least bit remorseful about spreading the fake pregnancy rumor and once again she never thought about how Sav might feel. Thank you for helping us with our thread.
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