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Originally Posted by Hamburgo1001 (View Post)
When was the last time we've seen Chris? When they were shooting episode 6 (Siege)? I wonder if the other cast members are aware of this 'development.'
Not sure but that seems about right. If she is having an affair with Charles, it would be a bit of a disappointment. However, one never really knows what goes on in the private parts of a marriage. Affairs generally happen when a need (doesn't necessarily have to be sexual) isn't being met. It is easy to look at this and think, what a ****, she's cheating on Chris. But, maybe they were having problems long before this? Maybe Chris did something. I remember the first time I saw those candid shots of Liz and Chris at that hotel in London, they both seemed unhappy. You could say that maybe Liz was just tired after a day of publicity appearances but those shots seemed to capture tension between them. Those pics might be more revealing of the state of their union than the more public pics where they are posing for the cameras.

In the video, the way Charles (?) is rubbing her hand almost seems as if he is consoling her about something. If it is an affair, they went to a museum and a restaurant together so there doesn't seem to be any attempt to hide it - otherwise they could have stayed at a hotel hidden from the public. This public display indicates either they are just friends who show affection for one another (best case scenario) or it indicates that Chris and Liz are likely apart already.

These two costars are falling in love right in front of our eyes on this network show. The chemistry is palpable, and it could be because the chemistry is 100% legit in real life. The cast and crew have interrupted them several times snuggling or making out in between takes. We wonder when they’ll make it official. posted that while I was composing my message. That certainly does seem to be a fitting description. When were the shots of Liz hugging Charles (inside his coat) taken? Would that have fit the October timeframe of the blind item?
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