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Cinephiles [Dan&Blair] #71: Because going to movies is a one, or… four time thing!

Welcome to the
Appreciation Thread

"Look who f i n a l l y got a little interesting"

"His eyes go wide, but his voice gets so soft and serious that I kind of love him now. "Do you... Do you love him?" Somehow him saying it, the way he says it, makes him wonderful: like the whole world is going Magic Eye and he's seeing the Blair behind the headbands and then ... It's like Victrola for a second. She's just a girl." - TWOP

"It's where Blair's language and Dan's language meet, because they're both afraid of the same thing, which is that somebody will notice how easily they can be destroyed... Dan shakes his head, knowing she's on autopilot, scared out of her wits in a ****ty Brooklyn café. They lock eyes it's the first time they've ever seen each other." - TWOP

"These two freaks need all the help they can get, and it makes me happy when anybody can see through or around the very substantial layers of bull**** they generate around themselves every day. Blair deserves to feel brave, and loved and Dan deserves to feel like he's helping, like his help is actually requested and required. Like a man." - TWOP

" She's Bergdorf's, he's Brooklyn and her best frenemy's sometimes beau. It's a mismatch made in bitchy teen-angst Nirvana, would leave poor Chuckles Bass with nothing but his practice sneer and a closetful of bespoke tweed suits to keep him warm." - TV Guide

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"Google r e v e n g e and you'll get"

"I want Dan Humphrey's h e a d on a platter"

"Just follow my lead, H u m p h r e y. You're used to doing that."

1x04 Bad News Blair

Blair: Normally I wouldn't be this close to you without a tetanus shot.
Dan: My mom kind of left us a couple of months ago. Only my...
my dad and my sister don't really see that,
'cause she told us she had to go away for the summer to,
uh... to follow her dreams and be an artist.
But it's not summer anymore and she's still up there.
And that's all she seems to care about right now.
Every time I go to see her,
I tell myself this time I'm going to tell her what I think.
This time I'm going to look her in the eye,
and say... either come home or leave for good.
And so there I was, just the other day;
I was sitting across the table from her,
I looked her straight in the eye and I didn't say anything.
Blair: Why not?
Dan: I don't know. But I wish I had.
'Cause, even if it didn't change anything,
she'd know how I felt.

3x18 The Unblairable Lightness of Being

Dan: Just to clarify, I do think you deserve
to be with someone who makes you happy.
Blair: Well coming
as it does from someone who dates Vanessa
Abrams, it means very little to me, but still...
thank you, Humphrey.
Dan: Care for a dance?
Blair: I guess.

3x18 The Unblairable Lightness of Being

Dan: Hey, you okay?
Blair: No, I'm not... why do you even care?You've always thought the worst of
Chuck and me. You think we're horrible,
depraved, soulless..
Dan: I may have used, uh, all of
those words at one point or another but I -
I'm sorry, I'm not following... what's going on?
Did Chuck - did Chuck do something?
Blair: No, it's not just what he did.
It's what I did. This whole time I was
blaming him, but it was me too. I've become
the person you always thought I was.
Dan: Look Blair, you're not - I don't
think you're that bad of a person.
Maybe not my type, but you're not terrible...
and whatever it is that happened between
you and Chuck, I'm sure you can fix it
because if there's a pair meant for one another,
you know, it's you two.
Blair: You're absolutely right.
Chuck and Blair, Blair and Chuck...
who else could love me after what I've become?
Thank you for helping me see it, Humphrey.
Your ice is melting.

1x18 Much "I Do" About Nothing

Dan: This is so weird, I don't normally
do plots against people.
Blair: Don't worry virgin; I'll talk you through it.
Blair:Humphrey! You are a born liar!
Dan: Thanks, I think...
Blair: All that stuff about last night was genius,
anything you want to tell me?
Dan: Uh no. Like you said, just born to lie.

3x02: The Freshmen

Dan: You okay?
Blair: I just feel like I got off
on the wrong foot here and I want
to start again, so...
thanks for bringing me, Humphrey.
Dan: Oh, uh, yeah - well, you know,
I would just like to think that if I needed it,
somebody would do the same for me.
Though let's be honest, we both know
it wouldn't be you.
Oh, no headbands in college... okay?

"The only thing lamer than d a t i n g Dan Humphrey is mourning Dan Humphrey."

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