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So..saw the play today
As mentioned and seen in the Facebook page for the play, it's just the 5 actresses sitting on chairs facing the audience. They read different stories that various ladies have contributed - many of which revolve around articles of clothing (The Shoes/The Bra,The Prom Dress, etc). Other topics include Madonna and dressing rooms. So..yea - a real guy's play I think there were three other men in the whole theater (no lines at the mens room!) lol. That said, it's really impossible to comment on how "Alexis did." There really wasn't much strenuous acting involved - heck..they had the script right there in front of them if they needed it. One thing that was noticeable to me is (as we know) Alexis has such a sweet, soft(ish) voice - while the rest of the cast is..shall we say,, rougher of voice?

One last thing - holy crap Alexis is beautiful. And those legs
So if your an Alexis fan - go...she's sitting right there in front of you!! Add 2 stars if you're a gal.


Few pictures from outside the theater


Couple scans from the Playbill

*Note...sorry..didn't have a chance to wait for Alexis afterward for pics, etc. Family issues, so had to head home right after.

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