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Originally Posted by Burn Our History (View Post)
As much as I'd love to hate Jen/Charlie, I can't because they're too damn pretty together. And Michelle and Chad had good chemistry, imo. I just would've liked to see have Jen have one fully functional, long standing relationship in that season and not have two which just kind of fall apart.
I totally agree. I would have liked to have seen Jen and Charlie last. Obviously as he was cheating on her so I was glad she broke it off with him at the time but without the cheating they were so cute together. They had amazing sexual chemistry and lot's of good banter.

On the other hand I totally adored S5 Jen and Dawson, so was happy when they got together again. This should have lasted until the very end, imo. I wish they had ended up together. It would have been so interesting to see them both in a long term loving relationship and for the writers to explore the ups and downs of a normal, healthy relationship than have them break up over yet another silly reason. They could have wrote loads of great stuff for them.

Perfect endgame for me would be PJo and DJen.
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