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They really do! Liz is part of the reason Shiri agreed to taking the role of Cate, too. I watched the IBGinc conversation series video and Shiri honestly felt like she couldn't do LUX. She had gone into auditions with tight horse riding pants and a white button up. They all liked her but told Liz (as the executive producer) to let Shiri know they liked her but they didn't like what she was wearing; they wanted someone who would dress sexier. Well Liz confessed that it was one of the first things they asked her to do as a producer and she felt like crap for it because here she is wearing "a sack" (as she called it) and telling an actress they have to be sexier. But it made Shiri feel uncomfortable and like maybe LUX wasn't the show for her but after a while she got talked into doing the role by her dad and some more talking with Liz. SO glad she did it because I love hearing how close Shiri became even with her boss. Imagine not seeing Shiri for who knows how much longer

I hope they tweet about hanging out with each other

OH! And I believe Shiri an Liz will be live tweeting during the finale on Tuesday. Everyone should stop by to get in some questions or just say hi to them
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