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Summer Break S1 Ep Discussions: 107 We Hold These Truths & 108 Til Death Do Us Part

Episode Summaries/Pictures

#107 - "We Hold These Truths" (Original Airdate: 10/28/02)
As Dr. Brown (Treat Williams) operates on Amy's (Emily VanCamp) comatose boyfriend, Colin (Mike Erwin), with the help of his friend and surgery partner from New York, Dr. Brian Holderman (guest star Lamont Thompson), Amy leans on Ephram (Gregory Smith) for support as she awaits the outcome. Meanwhile, an emotional Bright (Chris Pratt) breaks down and admits what actually happened the day of the car accident.

#108 - "Til Death Do Us Part" (Original Airdate: 11/04/02)
As his wedding anniversary draws near, Andy (Treat Williams) loses all hope and questions whether he will ever feel his life is worth living again. Meanwhile, Ephram (Gregory Smith) and Amy (Emily VanCamp) share their first kiss while on a field trip; and Dr. Abbott (Tom Amandes) has a panic attack when his wife Rose (Merrilyn Gann) proposes they take salsa dancing lessons.

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