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I beg to differ, chivalry certainly is NOT alive and kicking and when a guy is thoughtful it doesnt mean a girl should act as if he's just supposed to be that way, showing your appreciation is part of that package and thats what Joey was doing, her point in her speech was that the things that he did were involuntary and done out of love. I also think one of the problems is that you just posted a whole schpiel about that speech in relation to it making Pacey look better than Dawson. How in the world did that speech have ANYTHING to do with Dawson? Why is it that whenever Joey says something nice about Pacey Dawson fans always take it as a dig at Dawson? The last scene in this episode was far removed from Dawson, he obviously wasnt a though in Joey or Paceys mind and I think that you are really jumping to a conclusion in saying that the speech made Pacey look better than Dawson because really it had nothing to do with Dawson wahtsoever, contrary to popular belief, not everything said and done on the show was in relation to Dawson. Just because Joey pointed out the things that Pacey did right as a boyfriend doesnt mean she was saying Dawson did them wrong. I dont understand where you got that from.

Lastly, I think it's odd that you're complaining about virgin Joey not showing any fear in regards to sex. The entire season was shrouded in Joeys fear of sex! Before, during the episode and evern after when sh ewoke up with the typical "I just had sex for the first time, uh oh" look on her face. Hell, the entire episode she was terrified because she knew the issue was coming to a head, how can you possibly say that she shows no fear? When the actual event happened, yea she was eager because she'd made the decision andwanted to do it, but to say that she suddenly transformed into this fearless sex pot is incorrect. I'd say she showed enough fear for a dozen virgins.
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