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Originally Posted by eatyourgreens
Hey Bebe.
The scene I was talking about in regards to Dawson/Joey was in S2, when they're in the rowboat talking about sex and Dawson says "The night is still young" and Joey said "So are we."
Hey, eatyourgreens

I remember that scene where they are in the rowboat discussing it but was that the only time? To me, they did not really gave a "deep sex talk" little by little, day to day or the DC time period on if they were ready or if and when they should, you know to prepare themselves for when it happened because obviously they both wanted to be eachother's first, right? But was he or she going to still wait just beacause they are young and she is scared. That is why you must really communicate with eachother. Talk about that issue so that you won't fell awkward until you feel somewhat secure, which I thought p/j did (in their own way). We have all seen it the episodes before "A Winter's tale" where pacey showed and talked a few times about sex. And you can see Joey expressing herself on that issue. Showing and telling Pacey that she is scared but she wants to do it. BTW, just because you talk and are even on the verge on doing it does talk away how scared you are because sexin general is a big thing. Another thing is that both Pacey and Joey left an impression on themselves that they want to do it and so it was like Joey showed signs that she wanted more (the tension kept building more for Joey up to this episode) thus having to discuss it with him even though Pacey, a few times had to be the one to get her to start talking about that issue.

But back to the topic: Very nice episode, I say
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