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Ryan appreciation: without him there would be no board

I noticed there was no place for just Ryan. It's something all of us come here for and a place where we can all come to talk about the guy we love!

Well, I first became a Ryan fan during MMC then reunited with him in Breaker High. Having him in Remember the Titans drew me back in but Murder By Numbers sealed the deal. I do love The Notebook but I must say I love some of his other movies more, I mean, I bawled I thought he was adorable and insainly sweet. However, I love Murder By Numbers a whole lot. I still have yet to see a couple of his movies, I think I'm gonna go to Blockbuster so I can rent them. Anways post away Ryan fans. If you want I can make a list or shipper name or whatever lol.

Basics: (from

Name: Ryan Thomas Gosling
Birthdate: November 12 1980
Family: Father-Thomas, Mother-Donna, Sister-Mandi
Nicknames: Opie & Trouble
Hair Color: Blonde
Fave Movie: East of Eden
Fave TV Show: Ally McBeal
Fave Actress: The Natalies (Wood and Portman)
Fave Actor: Gary Oldman
Fave music/musician: Jazz/Chet Baker
Fave color: Blue
Fave Food: Calamari
Hobbies: Reading, playing chess, playing guitar and piano
Ryan's Fav Food: Evian Water and Glosette Raisins

Ohh, Ryan Gosling
United states of Gosling
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