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The 'Introduce Yourself Thread! Lurkers- please read the 1st post

Hi everyone!

I know that we have many 'guests' here that read our board that haven't joined Fan Forum and I wanted to welcome you and invite you to join Fan Forum is a great, friendly community and offers the best in entertainment news and discussions in a wide variety of boards. We're all here for the same reason and whether you're a longtime fan or a new fan- we're all the same

Joining Fan Forum consists of just 3 simple pages of steps:

Page 1- asks for your date of birth

Page 2- States Fan Forum rules and asks you to agree to them

Page 3- asks for a username, password, your e-mail, and your time zone.

That's it. It's simple and easy and doesn't require your real name or anything very personal. Your e-mail is also kept absolutely confidential and will never be given out for soliciting purposes.

To join- please go here I hope to see you on the boards soon!

Thank you

Figured I'd start this too.


My real name is Bianca. I'm 22 and I'm primarily based in NYC. My favourite Ryan movie is "The Believer" -- he was absolutely incredible in that film, should have won something for that performance.

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