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Originally Posted by glass1/2fullgal (View Post)
She was just who Pacey needed to spend time with. I also loved that he confided in her and no one else (yet) that he had graduated.
The PJo lover in me always wished he'd told Joey first. That episode was just hard for to watch full stop, Joey tried so hard to reach out to Pacey but it was just too painful for him to have those 'friendly' conversations with her. But really Andie was the one who first to have faith in him and help him with school. She was the first one who 100% believed Pacey could be amazing. How right was she? I love this quote from 2x08 'The Reluctant Hero', one of the best P/A episodes, imo.

"Just because a student doesn't fit into some cookie-cutter mold that the public school system deems acceptable they're ready to write them off. I mean, Einstein failed second grade and not because he was stupid but because he was bored. And the incompetency of an inferior public school system failed to recognize it. You know, they'd rather just dismiss someone who's in obvious need of some guidance, rather than reach out to him. I mean, if someone along the way had just taken two seconds to notice, to care, they would have noticed that you need to be rescued not ridiculed."


Pacey: You finally figured it out. I'm not Luke Skywalker, I'm not even Luke Perry. There's no hero here, Andie. I am a joke.
Andie: I'm not coming to your pity party. You know I don't think you're a joke, Pacey.
Pacey: But it's too late. I've spent too long being a screw-up, I'm kind of passed the perverbial point of no return.
Andie: Well, change your course. Break the chain. Anyone can re-invent themselves. I mean, it's America. Madonna does it every week.
Pacey: But I don't know how. I don't know where to start.
Andie: Try starting from the inside. I mean, anyone can change their fate. Heroes are made, not born.

Pacey's face when she said this is just BEAUT.

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