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In the template where we have thread title suggestions that are from 'long ago' and are kind of in the past and we never use them- should we not just move those over to being reasons?

One of the things I was gonna ask about was all the pictures in the opening post that don't show up for me.... but now I know it isn't just me!

Hey Kayley. Glad to have ya with us!

Genevieve- Why's it funny that lurkers freak me out? I think it's realistic. [img]smilies/lol.gif[/img]Just think... people out there reading about us, reading what we say and getting to know us, without us knowing about it... it's like invisible reading stalkery. Or something.

At first I thought she was holding a bra.

*Okay, don't we have a little hiatus coming up? I think that by the time it's over, we should have our reasons list up to 500.
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