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31 Minutes!

Nutters - [img]smilies/lol.gif[/img] I think I left comments on Cheryl's story at the beginning saying I was skipping over the J/L stuff and waiting for some L/L. I knew she was a JJ from her other stories. Added your places to the list Kay posted:

The MMS List - places where we want L/L to get it on

[img]smilies/star.gif[/img] the counter in the diner
[img]smilies/star.gif[/img] the storage room
[img]smilies/star.gif[/img] Luke's apartment
[img]smilies/star.gif[/img] Luke's truck
[img]smilies/star.gif[/img] the bridge
[img]smilies/star.gif[/img] Lorelai's roof
[img]smilies/star.gif[/img] under the chuppah
[img]smilies/star.gif[/img] the gazebo
[img]smilies/star.gif[/img] the stable at the Inn
[img]smilies/star.gif[/img] her old room at Emily's (so she would finally have a good memory there)
[img]smilies/star.gif[/img] Lorelai's jeep
[img]smilies/star.gif[/img] Luke's shower
[img]smilies/star.gif[/img] Lorelai's shower
[img]smilies/star.gif[/img] Lorelai's kitchen

Ooh, Nicole's actually going to be in an episode. I wonder if we'll get anything good. Like a fight with Luke or some interaction with Lorelai.

I'll agree the lurker thing is kinda weird. But I'm always thinking people are watching me or talking about me anyway. What's a few more people laughing at what I say. I'm a little bit paranoid (self-centered?). [img]smilies/look.gif[/img] Now you're all looking at me weird aren't you? [img]smilies/look.gif[/img]

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