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From LJS's Blog :

Happy Thanksgiving, or just Happy Day

24 November 2010
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Happy Thanksgiving! I just want to say a word to all my readers, young and old, of all countries, creeds and affiliations . . . thank you! I couldn’t do it without you, and you are, whether happy or sad, the most polite, literate, and intelligent group of readers an author could ask for.

Since I don’t want anyone to be unhappy in what in my country is a holiday, and in others simply another bright day to be thankful to be alive . . . please don’t despair, Delena, Bamon, and Stelena fans. Midnight is coming and, although Damon might be accused of not knowing his own mind, he is beginning to emerge from his shell enough to care deeply for two girls. And Stefan is coming back into his own as a character as he recovers from prison. I think that there is reason to be thankful, no matter which side you ship.

And I . . . am simply glad to have fans with the spark of passion that you have. You remind me of myself with that passion. Please, on this day of thanks, forgive anything that you feel has wronged you, and wait for my website and Midnight to soothe your hurts. I am hoping that you will come out—on all sides—feeling better about the “who gets Damon and what about Stefan?” question.

To misquote one more time: “Give me your hand if we be friends/ and Damon shall restore amends.”
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